Develop on DivX

Welcome Community Developers! DivX® is excited to offer the following tools for free, if used in free non-commercial projects. We encourage you to participate in the associated forums to provide feedback as well as help others with their community projects. Look for updates in the days to come, as we strive to improve these tools as well as expand into other areas.


DivX Plus Web Player

For webmasters and content creators looking for a tool to publish high-quality DivX/AVI and DivX Plus HD MKV/H.264 videos online for free, the embed code generator and SDK are all you need to get started.

DivX MKV Mux

The DivXMKVMux is a reference muxer that introduces DivX Plus MKV extensions like World Fonts and Smooth FF/RW.

DivX H.264 Encoder

This multi-threaded command-line encoder produces high definition H.264 video bitstreams that are compatible with the DivX Plus HD video profile.

DivX AAC Encoder

This is a free command-line application that will encode uncompressed mono, stereo, or 5.1 surround audio compatible with the DivX Plus HD profile.

DivX Connected™

DivX Connected represents an evolution of the digital video experience. Watch movies, listen to music, browse photos and enjoy Internet content and services on your TV.