DivXMuxGUI is a Graphical User Interface for the command line orientated DivXMux.exe from the DivX Media Tools.

It muxes (combines) video, audio and subtitle streams into one DivX Media file.

It should be especially useful for those of you, who suffer from the Doctor DivX 2.0 current mux- and synchronicity-bug, as you can at least try to rescue the Doctor's output. If the Doctor refused to mux the streams from the temp folder, you can try to do it manually. If the output is out of sync, DivXMux supports positive and negative values for audio-delay.

Additionally it offers you the possibility to mux your original mpeg audio into the DivX file, without having to convert it to mp3, even if it isn't AC3. Or you could mix AC3 and mp3 tracks.

You could have done all this already with DivXmux.exe. But now you can do it without having to do a lot of typing.

Download DivXMuxGUI

Furthermore DivXMux (GUI) allows you to:

  • Join several video files into one.
  • Use XML files to create DVD like menus
  • Remux an existing DivX file
  • Create DivX menu block file format, needed for menu creation

What do you need?
  • The GUI is written in C#. This means it needs Microsoft's .NET Framework. Check under Start->Settings->Software. Look for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 If it's there, go to the next step.
    Otherwise download it in your local language and install it.
    If you're Windows System is not in English you additionally should download the corresponding language pack and install it.
  • Get the Setup for DivXMuxGUI from here and install it. (If you only need the binaries, here you are.)
  • Last not least you need the DivXMux.exe from the DivX SDK. Download DivXMediaFormat_SDK_r2.rar. Unrar it and you will find it under DivXMediaFormat_SDK\Tools.
Start the program. On first start it will ask for the location of the DivXMux.exe. Let it know where you put it. In the same step you can set your preferred language (Currently there's only English, French and German available) and your preferred output folder.
The rest is pretty self explaining as layout is more or less identical to the Doctor's wizard.
Track-Numbers: If you want to use audio or subtitle tracks from existing DivX or avi files in your mux-composition you have to enter the track-number the track got in the source file. E.g.: If you selected a DivX file for audio-input that contains three audiotracks enter a number from 1 - 3. Mind: The GUI doesn't check if the track exists.
Audio-Delay: DivXMux.exe currently only supports values from -1,000 ms to + 1,000 ms.

Why I wrote it ?
There are people asking me why I wrote this piece of software, and why I'm offering it for free.
First of all, I wrote it because I needed it. More than 30,000 downloads so far seem to show, that others could use it as well.
Second, money makes the world go round. But sometimes a honest "Thank you!" is worth more than all the money in the world. At least, to me it is.
Thanks to:
- thekid, robu4x, d00kl1 and the rest of the Dr. DivX team for writing the new Dr.,
- gej for starting it
- Avery Lee for VirtualDub,
- Donald Graft for DGIndex and his Deinterlace Filters,
- Ben Rudiak Gold for AviSynth
- All the other authors of free software. Keep going!

It’s the way you go, not the destination that makes the journey worth taking it.

Need to contact me?
Click here.(I speak English and German.)

demux divx

with what program I can demux *. divx file


I joined my 4 individual slide show successfully with this tool. while muxing in standard mode (the joined slide show) I added 3 mp3 songs from my music folder. the resultant muxed slide show played only the 1st mp3 song and there after no music. only video. can you suggest how to add more audio pieces to my video..?

a problem in adding subtitle to AVI

When I add sub/idx containing some long lines, these long lines lose some of color. I create this in Doom9's forum with a picture which display it.
What I do for solving it?

Software WEB 4.0

Most tools are easily replicable but the DivXMuxGUI is amazing. I've just downloaded it and excited to get it working.It's actually working fine so far here. Great tool


.idx subtitles wont mux!

i have a problem with DivXMuxGUI because it is said to mux .srt and .idx subtitles into XSUB with a divx video. however, whenever i try to mux idx file with divx file, it always says ' Error. Parsing Fail..'. anyways how to make it muxable again?

I succeed to download the

I succeed to download the program when i choose the english language on the WAJAS page.
thanks a lot great work.

'Invalid File'

DivXMuxGUI seems to work with some DivX files I create -- and some it refuses to work with at all. I loaded a DivX movie file into DivXMux, tried to re-multiplex a reworked sound track into the video file, and got an 'Invalid File' message.

These files work fine in everything else. The problem is that DivXMux is not telling me why it thinks the file is invalid, so I don't know what to fix. Any suggestions?

Error codes

Unfortunately not.

The underlying DivXMuX.exe returns 12 error codes iirc but no detailed error descriptions. So I couldn't even tell from the error code, whether it is the video, the audio or the subtitle file that's causing the probs.

Get Error message when installing DivXMuxGUI with Vista 64

I just upgraded my PC and I am running Vista 64bit.
After downloading DivXMuxGUI, I went to install it.
When I do, I get the following error message. This is a screen print of the error message. I can tell you that I have done all of the Vista 64x downloads that are available for Net framework.
Can you help ??

[b]This is the error message I receive.

.NET Framework

DMG is still .NET Framework 1.1 So simply follow the suggestion and install Framework 1.1.
FW 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 can live in peaceful coexistence on your PC.

not sure how to what

i show the video on stage6 about this
thought it would be great perfect even
now when i try it i get nothing
i take Beaufort an israeli movie in hebrew
wanted to add the english sub or change the language completely
i add the video track
do the same for the audio track
do the same for the subtitle track
then click next after start, later theres an error
whats wrong
im i supposed to download the subtitles & the language first
if this program works as it should
i would give a million thanks till then need some help here

if you could see my email email me direct i would see it faster
bakersfactory @ gmail . com

the subtitles only work if the movie has them already as i notice
unless im using it wrong
any1 could help
how could i add subtitles
when i add sub track nothing happens states error
when i click just video track it runs but does nothing

Great Program, the DivxMux.

Great Program, the DivxMux. Realy THANK YOU !

When I try to embed

When I try to embed subtitles with DivxMux, Vista say that the program Stop Working. I'm using srt files in portuguese, is that the problem? Thanks.

I don't think that could be

I don't think that could be the problem, I'm using vista without problems.


This is a great program and it doing well with most of video files.

With some of the AVIs (Tried to dMUX latest TV show episodes 300-400MB), the output file seems to be a 40-70MB file without video.. only sound.

Any solution to that?

Same problem

Same problem here. Found the solution yet?

Need help to enable my blogger with DIVX videos..

Hi i own a video blog ,but now i need solution for my blogger blog.As you know blogger have standard skin .which i am using as basic blogger.Know i like to publish Divx video but frame size is too big and not fitting in my blog.So i want to know how can i resize the divx web player and publish it in my blog i want 400w by 300L.So can any buddy help me .

Lost Sync

I looking for a solution to bring all my DVD coolection in file format to be available to all our internal lan.
And i'm testing in deep DivX, i like it very much, but from previous version till now this codec lost audio sync very easy.

My example...
1) grabbing DVD with XMPEG and converting in DivX with MP3 , it's enought good...there is an impercettible lost sync.. but it's enought acceptable, this can be happened from audio conversion from 48.000 to 44.000.

2) adding subtitle with DivXMuxWizz all the sync is again lost and more of a sec of delay .... and if I try to re-sync with the same app I lost the subtitle.... ugly... !!!

Some here to DivX lab can tell us a detailed good solution to convert a DVD into DivX file with subtitle without lost nothing? please

There are school, istitution, and other that need this kind of solution.

Dr.DivX is too much semplified and take too much time opening VOB files analizing it... the best for me is XMpeg

what about demux

hello kamiwa

I'm looking for a solution to demux my divx. Do you know a solution ?
My problem is for exemple to cut a divx file from 2 GB with 2 AUdio & 2 subtitlle into 2 files of 1 gb. The only solution I see is to demux the divx then to cut the differents files at the right place and finally to remux the new files...
thank you for your advices

The only apps I know, that

The only apps I know, that can cut and demux AVI files are VirtualDub and VirtualDubMod. Unfortunately both apps can't demux the subtite tracks. Same with cutting, the resulting files will have lost the subs.

I fear it is: Muxed once, lost forever.


thanks you for the answer.
I think it will be easier for me to rencode...but unfortunetly Dr divx don't want to produce multiple files divx ...
best regards

download divxMuxGui

hello !
the 2 links to download the program are out of order ...it's really a pity !!
thanks you for checking
best regards


Which link are you using?

I had to down our database server for a couple of hours in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. (German summertime here, GMT +2). If you tried to download during that time, it would explain it. If not plz. let me know which link isn't working for you.

download problem

hello kamiwa
I succeed to download the program when i choose the english language on the WAJAS page.
the links i was using were:
the first one "download divxmuxgui" on the page "http://labs.divx.com/DivXMuxGUI"
the second one:in the same page in the chapter : "what do you need" second paragraph the link on "here" "Get the Setup for DivXMuxGUI from here and install it."
I check just now and i get a white page on this adress"http://www.wajas.de/main.aspx?m=112".
thanks for the other users

Weired. It's working fine

Weired. It's working fine here. Anybody else can confirm the problems?

download problem

It's always the same problem about the download.
Iv'done a screenshot of the problem but I can't add it to this message .
that says " Redirection de page incorrecte.
Fireox a détecté que le serveur redirige la demande pour cette adresse d'une manière qui n'aboutira pas.
* La cause de ce problème peut être la désactivation ou le refus
des cookies."

in english" the linK on this page is incorrect. Firefox knows that the server will not succeed to redirect you to the right adress.
the reason may be cookie's deactivation..."

I've checked it but I have no problem with the cookies. I try with internet explorer and I get the same answer.
I need to clik on the language button of the wajas page to be able to go further on this site...and to download the differents programs.
thanks you

download problem

Bug is fixed now.


Will not work for me.

I even have the video from Stage6. I enter all files (Avi for video and sound, srt file) I mux it and I get no subtitles. I have tried everything and different movies but it does not work.

Mux Problems

Can it be that your SRTs contain special national characters?

It seems that DivXMux can't handle them. Had several according reports from Spain and South America.

If that ain't the case, try muxing video and audio only and video and subs only to track down the source of the problem.

GREAT software

I cannot give you enough thanks for the great DivXMuxGUI.

It is so easy and reliable to use and has solved some issues for that were driving me nuts.

GREAT product.

As a FYI, I use Virtualdub to encode my Divx videos. Between Virtualdub, DivXMuxGUI and the latest Divx codec, I feel that I can get almost anything not just to encode, but to look and sound great.