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Dr. DivX Updated for DivX 6.6 Codec

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Thanks to d00kl1, the Dr. has been updated to work with DivX 6.6 codec. Get the installers from the download page. The search for community developers to contribute to Dr. DivX has not ended. If you are interested, please contact d00kl1 to join the Dr. DivX Developers group.

Do you need the Dr.?

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If so, the doctor needs you!
The Dr. DivX development team is committed to providing a free solution to enable easy creation of high-quality video content.

The roadmap envisioned for the doctor can be fulfilled at an accelerated pace if you, the community developers, contribute your skills and time.

Dr. DivX Mac Update

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We've found an issue with the DivX encoder registration on the Mac which causes the Dr. to crash when video encodes begin. This happens only when you are using the "Community" version of the codec. It does not happen when you are using the "Pro" version of the codec.

You can use either QuickTime Pro or iMovie (depending on what you have) to fix the DivX encoder registration issue.