HEVC Tools

HEVC video support is coming soon to DivX software, and this is where we'll publish our beta tools so you can be among the first to create and play DivX HEVC video in HD and 4K resolutions.

Stay tuned for upcoming releases and remember, we want to hear what you think.

DivX 10.1 Beta: 4K for the Masses

Who said bigger isn’t better? At four times the resolution of 1080p, 4K video packs in more pixels horizontally and vertically to deliver better picture quality. 4K really shines on displays sized 60” (152 cm) and above, but in 4K even on-screen text is noticeably smoother and sharper—even when you have a TV that doesn’t make your garage door feel small.

  • Download DivX 10.1 4K Beta Now (for Windows or Mac)

The next chapter in DivX software is here, and we’re excited to bring you this early preview. If you’ve tried the new HEVC profiles in DivX 10, you’re going to want DivX 10.1 Beta featuring DivX HEVC video playback and conversion up to 4K. Download using the link above now.

4K Video Showcase

Visit the DivX HEVC Showcase for 4K sample content. With DivX Web Player already installed, clicking a 4K video will start playback in your browser.

You may also download the 4K video for offline playback in DivX Player. Simply wait for it to buffer completely, then click the download icon, or right click and choose “Save video as.”

If you have native 4K footage for further testing and demonstrations, please drop us a line in the DivX HEVC Community Forum.

Release Notes

  • To ensure HEVC support, you must check "enable DivX HEVC Plug-in" during installation
  • See DivX HEVC Encoder and Decoder Performance table for average frames-per-second metrics
  • DivX 10.1 Beta release includes updated HEVC encoder and decoder libraries optimized for 4K creation and playback
  • DivX HEVC 4K UHD (Ultra HD) profile has been added to DivX Converter
  • Full support for multi-subtitle and multi-audio tracks
  • Compliant with DivX HEVC 4K Profile specs

When you're done, share your feedback. We look forward to hearing what you think!

DivX HEVC Community Encoder

DivX HEVC Team is excited to announce an updated version of our command line encoder for HEVC!

Download executable (Windows and Linux):

Instructions: using the DivX HEVC Encoder.


This tool will allow you to encode HEVC streams that are within DivX HEVC profile. After encoding, you can mux video using MKVToolnix patched for HEVC or use the most recent version of MKVToolnix HEVC, and play the resulting container files back on your computer using DivX 10 player

Some reference HEVC streams can also be found here.

For simpler encoding with less control over the options try our DivX Converter, which supports HEVC encoding up to 4K.

DivX HEVC temporal scalability

DivX265 version 1.5 can create dual frame rate streams. For example, it can create 4K60/30 dual layer streams which can be played back on DivX HEVC 4K Certified devices that support 60Hz or 30 Hz. This makes it possible to play 4K@60 content on DivX HEVC file-based certified devices that cannot meet the playback requirements for 4K@60. It requires a mux which puts the DivX Tag (unregistered userdata) in "Codec Private". For example the DivX MKV mux from github will do this. The DivX Tag contains a random asset number and layer specific details.

Performance data

Evaluation of DivX265 v 1.5

Release Notes

  • DivX265 version 1.5
  • What's new:

      Supports DivX HEVC temporal scalability.
      New options:
      -ts, --temporal-scalability Enable two layer temporal scalability, where the frame rate of the baselayer is reduced by 2

    Known issues:

      Statistics Linux version incorrect.
      32 bit version cannot encode main 10 at 4K resolutions, use 64 bit version.
  • DivX265 version 1.4
  • What's new:

      Support for Main 10 (10 bit) in addition to Main (8 bit).
      Additional 10 bit raw input formats (yuv420p10le, v210)
      Improved encoding speed and efficiency
      Linux version
      Signalling of BT.2020
      New options:
      -10 --main10 Selects Main 10 (10 bit) profile
      --format (yuv420p, yuv420p10le, yuv422p10le, I420, V210) Raw pixelformat
      --psnr Calculation psnr metrics

    Known issues:

      Statistics Linux version incorrect.
      32 bit version cannot encode main 10 at 4K resolutions, use 64 bit version.

    It is recommended to use the 32 bit version with AviSynth.

    As always, please visit our forums and tell us what you think.

    DivX 10 Preview: HEVC Streaming in DivX Web Player

    DivX Web Player, or more affectionately known as "DWP", delivers a high-quality DivX video playback experience in your browser. With this preview of DWP that will be launched as part of DivX 10, HEVC MKV video up to 1080p is streamed efficiently to DWP, giving you more for less. Here's a sneak peak of what's to come. Note: if you don't already have the DivX HEVC plugins installed, follow the instructions for Windows and Mac below.

    DWP in Action

    Click to play DivX HEVC 1080p version
    Click to play DivX HEVC 720p version

    Installing HEVC Plugin for DivX Web Player

    Prerequisite: Install the latest DivX Web Player (v2.4) for Windows or Mac from DivX Bundle 9.1.3

    Instructions for Windows

    • Download and extract the DivX Web Player HEVC Plugin for Windows. It will contain:
      • DivXHEVCDecode.dll
      • DivXHEVCDecode.xml
      • DMFContainer.dll
      • DMFContainer.xml
    • Copy the contents of the zip file into directory C:\Program Files (x86)\DivX\DivX Plus Web Player\StreamEngine
    • Reload your browser

    Instructions for Mac OS

    • Download and extract the DivX Web Player HEVC Plugin for Mac. It will contain:
      • WebPlayerHEVC.pkg
    • Launch WebPlayerHEVC.pkg and follow the steps to install.
    • Reload your browser

    Notes: This release includes HM-11.0 compliant HEVC decoder plugins for DivX Web Player 2.4. We've tested using Tears of Steel and confirmed real time 1080p playback on a 4-Core i5 with 4GB RAM with content.

    When you're done, share your feedback. We look forward to hearing what you think!

    Uninstalling HEVC Plugin for DivX Web Player

    You may run the DivX Bundle 9.1.3 installer again, or...

    • Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\DivX\DivX Plus Web Player\StreamEngine directory
    • Delete these files:
    • DivXHEVCDecode.dll
    • DivXHEVCDecode.xml

    DivX HEVC Community Decoder

    The DivX HEVC Decoder release marks an important step on the path to delivering comprehensive HEVC video support to the DivX Community. Following the release of the DivX HEVC video profiles and our DivX HEVC Muxer, we’re proud to release the HEVC Plugin for DivX Player 9.1.3. Now you can playback the DivX HEVC streams (up to 1080p) with AAC audio you muxed into MKV.

    Note that this release is for Windows and Mac, and supports real-time playback up to 1080p on a relatively recent PC. We support the features for the HM-11.0 reference encoder’s random access main configuration, including Asymmetric Motion Partitions, Transform Skip, and Sample Adaptive Offset. We also added seeking capability, as well as improved speed and performance enhancements.

    Ready to decode?

    We hope you’ll give our decoder a whirl, and then share your feedback. We want to know what you think about the quality and also what it'll take to get you to make the switch to HEVC.

    Up next is the DivX HEVC Encoder. Stay tuned…

    DivX HEVC Video Showcase

    Tears of Steel is a short film by the Blender Institute. We've encoded some streams using the HM Reference Encoder for you to test, and included the muxed MKV versions we created as well. Please do not try to play HEVC streams in DivX Player, only the MKVs. NOTE: Most media players don't yet support HEVC and will not playback these videos, but DivX Player will;)

    Tears of Steel (Full Length)

    The Tears of Steel streams were encoded with HM-11.0 Reference Encoder using the encoder_randomaccess_main.cfg with Sample Adaptive Offset (SAO) disabled and WaveFrontSynchro enabled. (WaveFrontSynchro=1 --SAO=0). These were created along with an audio file for testing out the DivX HEVC (beta) Muxer. The 720p and 1080p MKVs outputted (below) will play in the latest DivX Player (just check "Enable DivX HEVC Plug-in" during installation); the HEVC streams will not.

    Muxed Files (MKVs)

    Video Stream Audio Stream File Size MKVMerge Version Download
    (right click, save as)
    DivX HEVC 1080p AAC LC 5.1 157 MB Promise Land Rovi v1.0.4 LINK
    DivX HEVC 720p AAC LC 5.1 101 MB Promise Land Rovi v1.0.4 LINK

    Video Streams

    HEVC Video Profile File Size Resolution Format Bitrate QP Avg. PSNR Download
    (right click, save as)
    DivX HEVC 1080p 128 MB 1920x1080 HEVC Annex B Stream 1474 kbps 27 42.29 LINK
    DivX HEVC 720p 72.7 MB 1280x720 HEVC Annex B Stream 831 kbps 27 41.65 LINK

    Audio Streams

    Format File Size Sample Rate Channels Download
    (right click, save as)
    AAC LC 28.8MB 48kHz 5.1 LINK

    Tears of Steel Image Slideshow
    (Click to enlarge)

    Download our streams, the HEVC Decoder and the HEVC mux tools, follow our instructions for Using MKVToolNix and don't forget to let us know how it all works out.

    Muxing DivX HEVC in MKV

    Last updated on Tues, 03/04/2014 by Geno James

    The folks at MKVToolNix have officially merged the changes submitted by DivX to add HEVC support to MKVToolNix. The latest version of MKVToolNix (v6.8) includes these changes.

    No more custom builds and playing with custom binaries, download the official MKVToolNix binaries/installers (v6.8 or later) and mux/demux HEVC video to/from mkv container to your hearts content.

    MKVToolNix is a popular set of open source tools used to mux and demux Matroska (mkv) files. The tools used to support AVC, VP8, VC1, and now, with the DivX team's latest contribution -- HEVC!

    All set? Now head over to the HEVC Documentation section to learn about Using MKVToolNix to mux your first DivX HEVC video. And while you're at it, don't forget to review the DivX HEVC profiles. As always, we welcome your feedback.