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HD video with true 5.1 channel surround sound, multiple subtitles and audio track support, smooth playback with hardware acceleration, and the ability to download everything you watch online. And with support for DIVX, AVI, MKV, MP4 and MOV, Web Player is a great choice to publish video to your website or blog. DivX Web Player now supports DivX Plus Streaming™ so you can enjoy purchased movies and TV shows without buffering right in your browser

DivX Plus Web Player Code Generator

The DivX Plus Web Code Generator allows you to create a small piece of code that can be inserted into your website to display and playback DivX/AVI and DivX Plus HD (MKV/H.264/AAC) videos via the DivX Plus Web Player.

If you can copy and paste, you have enough know-how to stream a DivX video from your site. If you scoff at automatic HTML code generators, then our Web Developer Guide is for you.

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Watch a sample implementation

This page will generate the code that you can copy and paste to embed a DivX video into your web page or blog. Simply fill-in the blanks and hit the "Generate" button.

URL to DivX/AVI or DivX Plus HD (MKV) video file:
Video width: (in pixels)
Video height: (in pixels)
Video Thumbnail URL (PNG, JPG or GIF):
Auto-Start playback

After you have you have clicked the Generate button, click the Preview button and if you like what you see, simply copy/paste the code below to your web page.

Web Player (1.4 and 1.5)

For those of you using web sites that have not yet updated to the latest implementation of the DivX Plus Web Player by offering content in DivX Plus/MKV, we are providing the following previous installers.

We are getting feedback from some of the most popular DivX video content sites as they roll out the new DivX Plus Web Player, but for anyone experiencing issues during these transitions, we are providing the following previous installer links to help get you by during the upgrade.

Windows (DivX Web Player 1.5)
Users of sites that exclusively offer DivX/AVI content can choose to continue using DivX Web Player 1.5. In the event that you have updated to 2.0 or participated in our beta and wish to return to using 1.5, you may use the following installer:

Mac OS (DivX Web Player 1.4)
PowerPC owners or users of sites that exclusively offer DivX/AVI content can continue to use DivX Web Player 1.4 for Mac. In the event that you updated or participated in our 2.0 beta and wish to restore 1.4, you can use the following installer: