DivX 10.1 Beta: 4K for the Masses

Who said bigger isn’t better? At four times the resolution of 1080p, 4K video packs in more pixels horizontally and vertically to deliver better picture quality. 4K really shines on displays sized 60” (152 cm) and above, but in 4K even on-screen text is noticeably smoother and sharper—even when you have a TV that doesn’t make your garage door feel small.

  • Download DivX 10.1 4K Beta Now (for Windows or Mac)

The next chapter in DivX software is here, and we’re excited to bring you this early preview. If you’ve tried the new HEVC profiles in DivX 10, you’re going to want DivX 10.1 Beta featuring DivX HEVC video playback and conversion up to 4K. Download using the link above now.

4K Video Showcase

Visit the DivX HEVC Showcase for 4K sample content. With DivX Web Player already installed, clicking a 4K video will start playback in your browser.

You may also download the 4K video for offline playback in DivX Player. Simply wait for it to buffer completely, then click the download icon, or right click and choose “Save video as.”

If you have native 4K footage for further testing and demonstrations, please drop us a line in the DivX HEVC Community Forum.

Release Notes

  • To ensure HEVC support, you must check "enable DivX HEVC Plug-in" during installation
  • See DivX HEVC Encoder and Decoder Performance table for average frames-per-second metrics
  • DivX 10.1 Beta release includes updated HEVC encoder and decoder libraries optimized for 4K creation and playback
  • DivX HEVC 4K UHD (Ultra HD) profile has been added to DivX Converter
  • Full support for multi-subtitle and multi-audio tracks
  • Compliant with DivX HEVC 4K Profile specs

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