DivX Media Builder Quick Start Guide

This guides was created to give step by step instructions on how to create menus for your DivX files, with DivX Menu Builder. DivX Menu Bilder is a tool created for the DivX community, by UserXP. Thank you UserXP, you made the world of menus a lot easier to deal with.

I. Programs Needed:

Visit: http://userxp.tripod.com and http://labs.divx.com/node/169

Download (follow link to software download):

*After extracting to a directory, will need the following installed:
  • comctl32.ocx : download then register à register directions: Go to the Run item on the Start menu, and type:

    regsvr32 comctl32.ocx

  • In the application folder (DivXMediaBuilder ) place a copy of DivXMux.exe.

*** DivXMux.exe can be found as and application in the DivX Media Format File SDK r2 and must be present for the “muxing” process

II. Basic Menu Creation:

  • Keep going here for the text version or check out the video tutorial!
  • Construct a Folder for your project containing the following folders:
  • Titles ” – place all of your video titles in .avi or .dvix format in here
  • Menus ” – place all of your menus: Main Menu and Sub Menus in .avi/.divx format in here
  • Subtitles ” – if you have .srt files or other subtitle files place them in here
  • Other folders you may need to store any assets (i.e.- creation of a folder to store any PSD files used when creating menus)
  • Launch DivXMediaBuilder (v. 2.0).
  • Select New form File menu. You will be prompted to select the “Main Title”
  • The “Main Title” is the first title (.divx or .avi movie file) of the DVD you are creating. When combining multiple titles into one DVD, this will be the first title in the logical sequence.
  • Next, add all remaining titles in a logical sequence.
  • Titles can be added by: clicking on Features/Add Titles… Or by pressing F6
  • You will notice the file tree on the left hand side of the application showing the added titles under the “Media” branch. Also notice the corresponding details of the titles you added (any default audio tracks, subtitles, media type, etc.)
  • Next add your “Main Menu.” This will be the first menu that that will appear when playing your DivX file.
  • ***Please note that in the 2.4.4 beta version of DivXMediaBuilder you MUST format your menu files in .avi or .divx. This can be accomplished through numerous video editing programs that allow you to control the output. The .avi files must be at least 1 sec in length. This means it must contain at least 30 frames for a 30 fps optimization, 25 for 25 fps, etc.

  • Next, add all remaining menus in a logical sequence.
  • Menus can be added by: clicking on Features/Add Menu… Or by pressing F7
  • You will notice the file tree on the left hand side of the application showing the added titles under the “Menu Track” branch. Also notice the corresponding details of the menus you added:

  • Find your “Main Menu” on the file tree to the left. If you added them in a logical order, it should be the first menu object under the “LanguageMenus” branch called “DivXMediaMenu”. When you select it on the tree, a still picture of it should appear in the main application window.
  • Next add a button. Select the icon to produce a new bounding box:

  • Draw bounding box around area that you'd like to become the “button”

  • Next assign an action to the button. Use the button toolbar or double-click in the bounding box to bring up the “Add Action List” menu:

    The above menu is showing the selection of “Play Action” and a list of titles (.divx) from the “Titles” folder.

  • If the button you created is to link to a submenu highlight the “Menu Transition Action” and select the corresponding submenu. ***Please note that the menus are referred to by their “object ID” number which can be obtained by referring to the file tree.
  • If the button you created is going to start playing a title, highlight “PlayAction” and select the corresponding title.
  • To link back to the main menu or any other submenus use the “Menu Transition Action” and select either the main menu or corresponding submenu.
  • To assign subtitle track to a button utilize the “SubtitleSelectAction.”
  • When the file is played in a DVD player you'll have to use the remote control to navigate between the buttons. You'll need to assign which button is selected next when you push up, down, left or right. To do so, you need to choose thecorresponding object ID from the drop menu in the “Button Properties” floating toolbar.

  • Buttons may be customized in a number of ways to achieve a desired appearance or overlay effect. The customizable menu can be accessed by right-clicking inside a bounding box. The “Overlay Colors” associated with selection can be changed by clicking on the colored squares on the top of the main application frame or set to default colors in File/Options (Ctrl-P)/Menu Tab.

  • Once all the buttons/actions have been assigned you are ready to create your DMF file. Click the “Create the DivX file” icon on the main menu bar or :
  • The DivX file can be created by:

    clicking Features/Create DivX…

    Or by pressing F12

  • This will create a DivX video output file (with advanced features) which can be viewed in a DivX Ultra Certified device or in your DivX player.