Converting .mkv files for PS3

Did you know that the Sony PlayStation 3 is a DivX Certified device? Unfortunately, at this time, it is not DivX Plus HD certified (vote for DivX Plus HD / MKV on PS3 here), which would enable H.264/MKV playback via a firmware update. In meantime, you’ll have to convert those MKV videos in order to watch them with your PS3.

The good news is DivX has a free solution just for this scenario: DivX Plus Software for Windows. This latest release, which came out mid-March, sports dramatic updates to the user interface and introduces “DivX to Go” as part of the DivX Plus Player. This free and easy utility is how we’re going to transfer your MKV to either a USB drive or disc to enjoy on your PS3.

Step 1 – Download and Install the Free DivX Plus Software

The complete DivX Plus Software is available for free download from The installer includes the option to install four components to your computer: DivX Plus Player, DivX Plus Codec Pack, DivX Plus Converter, and DivX Plus Web Player. At minimum, you should install the DivX Plus Player and DivX Plus Codec Pack, but I recommend installing them all in case you find you’ll need to use one of the other applications in the future. Note that the 15-day trial is only for a portion of the DivX Plus Converter and some professional codec settings, and even after the trial, the DivX Plus Converter will continue to make DivX Plus HD files (MKV/H.264/AAC) for free. DivX Plus Player with DivX to Go, the DivX Plus Codec Pack, and DivX Plus Web Player are completely free!

Step 2 – Add your MKV video to the DivX Plus video library

If you click on the video library icon and drag your video onto the DivX Plus Player, it should add it to the video library. Another way of getting the MKV video into your library is by simply playing it… that’s right, the DivX Plus Player is a fully functional MKV player with one of the fastest H.264 software decoders available, and did I already mention that it’s free?

Step 3 – Drag the video file to the PlayStation 3 icon

Once the MKV video is in your video library, you can drag it onto the PlayStation 3 icon in the device pane on the right side of the DivX Plus Player. If the device pane has been closed, you can click on the device pane’s show/hide button at the lower right side of the DivX Plus Player.
Show/Hide DivX to Go™

Step 4 – Follow the Transfer Wizard and Insert a USB or Disc

You should now see the DivX to Go welcome screen. Click next to continue...

Choose between burning a CD/DVD or using a USB removable drive. The PlayStation 3 supports either method for playing back DivX videos. Then click on next...

4a. DivX to Go Welcome Screen

4b. Choose your transfer method
You should now be at the videos screen, which will show the pending transfers. From here, you can either continue or add more videos for the transfer by clicking the plus button on the lower left, provided your removable disc has enough space.

After you insert your USB drive or media, click on next...

4c. Add or remove files at the videos screen

4d. DivX to Go video conversion...

Step 5 – Let DivX to Go Finish, and Enjoy!

You should now be able to remove your media and plug it into your PlayStation 3.
5a. DivX to Go is done with the transfer

5b. DivX to Go complete... enjoy your video!

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Thanks! It's relay easy (

Thanks! It's relay easy ( and! )

Xbox 360

Out of curiosity, I tried this tutorial and played the .divx file from a USB stick with my Xbox 360 and it works, in case there are people out there that have an Xbox instead of a PS3 :-P