DivX Converter CLI Mode

Not a fan of using a GUI for your encoding? Or like to work strictly with command line prompts and terminals? Well, this post is for you. Starting with DivX 10.1.1 we added Command Line support to DivX Engine, the same engine that powers DivX Converter for media content transcoding.

Available on Windows and Mac, DivXEngine can be used for any existing profiles or presets, including HEVC.

Using DivXEngine

On Windows: locate DivXEngine.exe in “C:\Program Files (x86)\DivX\DivX Transcode Engine”

On Mac: locate DivXEngine.exe in “/Library/Application Support/DivX/DivXEngineBundle.bundle/Contents/MacOS”

Note: Converter’s CLI, same as the GUI, will always output streams in a container (.avi, .mkv, .mp4). If you are looking to output raw HEVC bitstreams, be sure to check out our DivX HEVC Community Encoder, which outputs bitstreams. Raw bitstreams can be used with Converter or other mux tools such as MKVToolnix.

Example Usage

  1. Transcoding to HEVC 4K profile:
    DivXEngine.exe -i "c:\testclips\test_avc.mkv" -o "c:\testclips\test_hevc.mkv" -p hevc4K

  2. Transcoding DVD to PLUS HD profile:
    DivXEngine.exe -i "c:\DVD\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_0.IFO" -o " c:\testclips\VTS_01_0.mkv" -p phd

    Or you also can use one of the VOB files. In any case if IFO file presented all DVD will be transcoded.
    DivXEngine.exe -i "c:\DVD\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB" -o " c:\testclips\VTS_01_0.mkv" -p phd

  3. Burn DVD subtitles in Home Theater profile:
    DivXEngine.exe -i "c:\DVD\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.IFO" -o "c:\testclips\VTS_01_0.divx" -p ht –b

    Transcoding DVD with subtitles in Home Theater profile:
    DivxEngine.exe -i "c:\DVD\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.IFO" -o "c:\testclips\VTS_01_0.divx" -p ht

    In the second case DVD subtitles will be converter to DXSB subtitle supported only in Home Theater (ht), HD 720 (hd720) and HD 1080 (hd1080) profiles.

  4. Transcoding to DivX HD 1080 with external audio and subtitles tracks:
    DivXEngine.exe -i "c:\testclips\test.mpeg" "c:\testclips\audio.ac3" -i "c:\testclips\sub.srt" -o "c:\testclips\test.divx" -p hd1080

    In this case AC3 audio will be transcoded to MP3 format and srt converted to DXSB, since HD1080 supports only DXSB profiles.

  5. Transcoding to DivX HEVC 720 with external AC3 audio (pass through on) and subtitles tracks:
    DivXEngine.exe -i "c:\testclips\test.mpeg" "c:\testclips\audio.ac3" -i "c:\testclips\sub.srt" -o "c:\testclips\test.mkv" -p hevc720 -t

    In this case external AC3 audio track will be muxed into output mkv file without any changes. And since mkv supports srt subtitles “sub.srt” also will be added into a file without any changes.


Type DivXEngine and press Enter. You will see help with args description.

Flag Description
-i Set input media file. You also can set row of input files – one main stream containing video, audio and subtitles tracks, and additional external audio and subtitles tracks. E.g.
–i “./testclips/test.mpeg” –i “./testclips/test.ac3” –i “./testclips/test.srt”
This argument is obligatory.
-o Set path and name for output file.
This argument is obligatory.
[-v <video bitrate (kbps)>] Set video bitrate. Incompatible with -f option
[-a <audio bitrate (kbps)>] Set audio bitrate. Incompatible with -f option
[-x <custom resolution width>] Set custom resolution width
[-y ] Set custom resolution height
[-f <file size limit (Mb)>] Set file size limit (in Mb). With this option audio and video bitrates will be set automatically to get file with specified size, so it is incompatible with –v and –a options
[-t] Enable audio pass through. It is currently working only for AC3 audio. Also working for external AC3
[-p <output profile>] DivXEngine supports the following values:
m – DivX Mobile profile
ht – DivX Home Theater profile. Current profile is default and if output profile will not be specified, file will be transcoded in Home Theater profile.
hd720 – DivX HD 720 profile
hd1080 – DivX HD 1080 profile
phd – DivX PlusHD profile
p4k – DivX Plus 4K profile
hevc720 – DivX HEVC 720 profile
hevc1080 – DivX HEVC 1080 profile
hevc4k – DivX HEVC 4K profile
iphone – MP4 AVC presetfor iPhone
ipad – MP4 AVC preset for iPad
[-k] Enable trick-play track. Compatible with DivXPlusHD(phd) profile only and for one input media file
[-s] Enable video 2 pass encoding. Currently working for all profiles except HEVC.
[-d] Enable profile detector. This option allows you to detect what profile the input file supports, e.g. as a result of the following command line:
DivxEngine.exe -d -i ".\testclip\ test.mkv"
PlusHD: true
[-b] Enable burning subtitle. Currently not all subtitles types support burning. Burning works for SRT/SUB and DVD subtitles. DivXMobile and MP4 profiles support burning of internal only SSA/ASS subtitles
[-l] Enable logging and specify (optionally) output directory. Without output directory all logs will be dumped in console window. Has to be used with –q argument. E.g.
DivxEngine.exe -i "c:\testclips\test.mkv" -o "c:\testclips\test_out.mkv" -p phd -l "c:\temp" -q 1
[-q] Set one of the following logging levels:
DIVX_ALL_MSG = 1 (all message types)
DIVX_CRITICAL_MSG = 2 (critical error)
DIVX_ERROR_MSG = 4 (Error)
DIVX_WARNING_MSG = 8 (Warning)
DIVX_INFO_MSG = 16 (Information)
DIVX_HEADER_MSG = 32 (Heading, usually marks start of group of related messages)
DIVX_DEBUG_MSG = 64 (Debug message)
DIVX_PROGRESS_MSG = 128 (Some progress)
Has to be used with –l argument
[-w] Disable WPP (Wavefront Partitioning Processing); this works in the case of HEVC profiles only.
WPP is enabled by default for HEVC profiles.
[-u <output profile>] HEVC quality level; this works in case of HEVC profiles only. The following values are supported:

Known Issues

DivXEngine supports much of the same functionality as DivX Converter. DivXEngine version 10.1.1 has the following known issues:
  1. It doesn’t have option to change order of audio or subtitles tracks
  2. It doesn’t have option to set audio bitrate
  3. It doesn’t have option to select audio codec
  4. It doesn’t have option to select audio tracks from input container.
  5. It doesn’t have option for video rotation
  6. You can’t save and use custom profiles
  7. DivXEngine sometimes crashes with enabled trick-play option.