fast forward or rewind MKV?

Guys am i the only one who cant fast forward or rewind mkv on my dsm-330? it comes up the status bar at the bottom but the actual movie doesnt move and i have to restart it from the beginning??

Pressing the number buttons

Pressing the number buttons will let you jump incrementally through the video. Not as good as fast forwarding or rewinding but it can help.


Still no fix?

Damn, I came here hoping to find an answer to why I cant RW or FW on my Xbox 360. Has anybody found a work around yet? The last message was from July so I'm hoping there has been some progress since then.


Can't be done!

The 330's chip can't natively playback MKV's (& H264).

The workaround is that the MKV files are being transcoded on-the-fly and then sent to the 330 for playback. This conversion process is the reason you can't fast forward or rewind.

The 330 will save your last played position from the MKV mind you.

darn it!

darn it!

Same here...

Same here...