no audio on .mkv files

I have just converted a .mov file to DivxPlus file. The video is excellent, but no audio is heard. Why is it happening ?

Same thing here too

Problem with audio when converting a .mov file from my
panasonic dmc tz5 .video perfect but no audio. paid for divx plus hoping it would work but no go.

No audio?

You need to "demux" (extract) your "raw audio stream" (audio file) from your "source" (original) file , then "mux" (insert)it into the mkv with "MKV Merge". I use "Xvid4PSP" to demux the audio from any source files. I prefer it to Project X. I'm not sure of any other applications that will demux audio.

I'd like to find one better than this. It's just that when you input a file into Xvid4PSP, it takes awhile until it's ready and you can finally just hit the audio tab and select demux. And I think Project X is blah.

Anyway, as long as you have the correct filter setup, all of your audio will play fine in the DivX Player/Web Player.

With the DivX Plus Web Player, PCM audio will not really work in MKV files, although it will play fine if you have PCM audio in an AVI file.

AAC has built in support.

For AC3 and DTS you'll need:

AC3Filter 1.63b Full

It's the first choice, AC3Filter 1.63b Full. Make sure and grab the full version.

If you also have Spdifer installed, then make sure you have unchecked AC3 in it's menu. You'll have to do this anytime you install an updated version of AC3 Filter, or if you just reinstalled it.

For Ogg/Vorbis audio playback

By the way, just for everybody's information, DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby True HD are newer and won't play in MKV files. So there are no 7.1 streams in MKV files that I know of. Maybe 7.1 PCM, I haven't heard of that though.

This should hopefully fix everyone's audio problems. If anybody still has other audio issues, just provide me with some detailed information.

Audio problem

I have a serious issue with my HD movie downloads , there is another audio codec called Vorbis
which my player cannot understand, I get an alert message get plug ins which I cannot find, by the way
VLC player can play this audio codec ( VLC the heavy duty player ) I know that other High Def downloaders have the same problem , So I hope others out there can help me ???

Vorbis, Bro!

Ogg Vorbis is a lossy audio codec which is free of intellectual property restrictions (like those surrounding MP3).

It took me three seconds to find.


I have the same problem, do you have any solution?

Audio video problems

I am having some inconsistentsies with Divx 7. After installation my MKV files don't work at all with Win Media Player. I get picture but no audio with Win Media Center. When streaming to my Xbox some work well while others not at all. I have tried to convert using Divx converter but the audio is not recognized.

hello...divx team??

hello...divx team??

any news here?? i have the

any news here??

i have the same prob, when i convert a 720p file from my canon ixus 100is to divx plus hd everythings seems to be perfect...i just have no sound. the converter does not recognize the audio file included (pcm)

would be great if you have a solution for that, otherwise the converter is useless for me :(

here is a sample file -->

PCM Audio Streams?

You have a few choices to make. Are you going to upload any content to stream with the web player? If you are going to upload, then you'll want to "demux"(extract) your audio, and then convert it from PCM Wav to DTS WAV or AC3. No matter what, you then "Mux" (insert) it into your MKV with "MKV Merge"

With PCM I'd personally always convert it using the Surcode DTS encoder, so that way you can stream it online with the DivX Plus Web Player! I would recommend this option to anyone crazy enough to want to stream videos with decent audio quality! I've seen the Surcode DTS encoder for sale online as cheap as $40.00 OEM. With it and "Audacity", you can keep an audio stream at 1536kpbs, sometimes that's the same kpbs as PCM, so in that case you can make a lossless conversion. 1536kbps is pretty decent for audio, let me tell you. There's also a free tool called WAV to AC3 which converts as high as 640kbps in about 1 second flat.

The source "PCM WAV" audio stream will work in the DivX player, and any other MKV players, but it will not yet work correctly in the Divx Plus Web player. Just demux your source file's audio stream with "Xvid4PSP", then mux it into your MKV with "MKV Merge".

The encoding of your video should always be a separate operation from taking care of your audio. So, if by chance your video conversion method happens to convert the audio as well, you can disable that or just not worry about that audio. Because, you'll want to strip that "converted audio" from your final MKV in "MKV Merge" anyway. MKV Audio conversion should always be a demux/mux process which keeps it 100% intact and doesn't even waste time converting the audio which only downgrades it's quality anyway! You'll always want to demux your audio, and mux it into your MKV with your h.264/AVC video stream.

I'm using the Procoder 3 to encode all my video to a raw h.264 stream w/out audio anyway. Then you just add it into "MKV Merge" and make sure to add your source file's fps (frames per second). You must put your fps into mkv merge for raw h.264, or it will guess 25 fps, which will inevitably by completely wrong!

In MKV merge, you'll always want your video to be in the top slot, then add your raw audio stream, commentary track, subtitles, ect. Then just select to merge it. Easy as pie.

You can use Ripbotx264, which thus far is the best free encoder IMO. It has lots of options, and you can set it for two-pass encoding and a bit-rate as high as you'd like. It's faster than handbrake!

Much of the time, handbrake and ripbot do lousy conversions with glitches in the end results, but it seemingly depends largely on the source file. For free, you can't complain too much.

Personally, I've found the DivX converter not to be useful for many reasons. It does not even have basic quality setting options. It's custom settings are rather low like all custom settings, only with the DivX Converter, you can't just change the bit-rate to anything, in fact you can't change it whatsoever! It has problems with that, and other basic things like accepting lots of kinds of files or converting with the wrong aspect ratios! Frankly, I've found nearly every "professional" H.264/AVC/MPEG-4 Part 10 encoder/converter to be garbage.

I'm glad I found Procoder 3/Surcode DTS for encoding, and that I learned to demux/mux all of my audio. Now it's a streamlined process, but still a bit arduous.

While I mastered these methods, I felt like a great inventor. I had to try it a thousand ways that didn't work, until I finally found one way that did! Let me tell you, it was exhaustive!

There may be something better than Procoder 3 out there, I'll still be on the lookout, with my hopes up! But nothing I've tried personally has come anywhere close to being as good.

Ive tested out no less than ten professional video encoders/converters that didn't work, before I found and tried Procoder 3. It's the first converter I've found that even works correctly without any glitches in most cases.

"Professional" in this sense really just means they cost big bucks and may get first page results in google searches! You can try a demo for free with "watermarks" sometimes, or usually you can get your money back if unsatisfied with some crappy glitch software.

Name an AVC encoder, I've probably tried it, and it probably made me cringe! No offense.

Even with Procoder 3, so far, I have had two videos that converted with glitches! The source video plays fine, but no matter what application I converted these files with, I've had glitches. I guess those source files are somehow corrupted and are missing some bits of information. I'm still open minded to finding an even better encoder than Procoder 3. One that will convert 100% of files with zero glitches and keeping 100% quality.

Procoder 3 has solved 95% of my video encoding (converting) problems though. Plus it's quite fast, it works at like 75% of the real time footage! That's with the quality settings maxed out! I encode to full pixel, never quarter pixel. I always use two-pass encoding. I use the source's bit-rate and resolution.

Procoder 3 never produces the types of glitches that the other encoders/converters do. Mainly they have problems with fast moving scenes. Hopefully the people in your videos aren't moving around fast, or it will cause ugly "pixel line" glitches! Meaning, you can pause your video on about half the frames, and it will have obvious ugly glitches. Also, you can see each and every ugly glitch when you watch your MKV, so you can understand why Ripbot/Handbrake/LEAD/ect.. are not the best way to go for converting a video to H.264/AVC/MPEG-4 Part 10 MKV.

Some of my MKV videos looked like crap because they had so many glitches with handbrake ripbot and many other encoders which were not free. Those two, since they are for free are better than many encoders that cost money! So far for me, only the Procoder 3/Surcode DTS combo has been able to get the job done with professional results.

Good luck everyone, to find adequate solutions as well. Maybe looking into these solutions will help you as much as they've helped me.

Sample file

Hi guys,

I can probably help you with this problem if you can simply provide a short sample file for me to download.

Please upload a sample and provide a link, or send me an e-mail so I can give you a private location to upload to (amayo [at] divxcorp [dotcom]).

Any Luck???

Has anyone gotten to the bottom of this?

I purchased this product solely to transfer my .mov files to .mkv for upload, but I'm having the same trouble as others. No audio! The source is a Canon 500D .mov file, but DivX converter can't pick up any audio file. The picture, however, looks great.

How can I get sound???

PCM and DTS audio

Unfortunately there are many different versions of PCM audio streams out there and Converter only supports a couple of them. More will be supported on upcoming releases. In the meantime you can use Dr. DivX to encode those files, however only into the .divX format not MKV. As far as DTS audio is concerned that isn't supported either once again I would suggest to use Dr. DivX it may work, it may not. The Dr. uses the same Codec as Converter however I find it to handle audio streams better. Don't worry guys, DivX 8 is coming out soon and I hear that Converter will have most of these issues taken care of.

DTS Audio in Divx

new user here ...I have been reviewing some of the threads in the forums as well was articles that I can find on the web but have not been able to find a clear answer on the question if Divx will support DTS audio (format 8193?).
Divx Author 1.5
Divx 7 Convertor 7.1.0

It could be I have not looked deep enough through the Forums, some guidance now how to manage the DTS audio format with Divx and Divx encoding will be greatly appreciated!


Manage DTS in DivX

Yes, DTS is fully functional in the DivX Plus Web player/DivX Player. DTS is fully functional in MKV files period. As far as encoding goes, read my other replies in this thread. You don't use a converter though, you just demux it and mux it into your MKV. When it comes to DTS, it's a very simple process with DivX4PSP to demux. MKV Merge to mux.

I have had the same troubles

I have had the same troubles but since I installed AC3 Filter, AC3 & DTS audio is decoded smoothly. Howerver, I noticed that Divx Player use it's own filter to decode AC3 and DTS audio stream. I had proble if using Divx PLayer to play MKV video which embeded Vorbit ogg audio. Luckily, Window Media Player with support of AC3 Filter and ffshow filter is playing quite well.

I used to make an MKV video with embeded with both AC3 5.1 and DTS 4.1 audio (without LFE ???) and it was played smooth on Divx Player and Window Media Player.

PS : I am still using AC3 Filter v.1.62b not the latest version (1.63b) cuz I had audio problem and online configuration with the latest version . Does anyone get the same problem ?



AC3 Filter

Why do you think the DivX player uses it's own filter to decode AC3 and DTS audio stream? From my usage I can tell you that it uses the AC3 Filter. You may also have Spdifer, if so you must uncheck AC3 or you'll have audio problems with DTS and AC3!

The same is true for the DivX player and Web Player.


Thanks calibp,

Can you tell me the model of the Canon camera, and even better if there were any specific properties listed for the PCM audio? E.g. number of channels, sample rate, bits per sample?

I can either try to get a sample video or recreate a file that shows this issue for our dev team if you can provide enough info :) If you have a short sample (less than 100MB) let me know, I can send you an FTP site you could upload it to and then we can take a look ourselves.

Which tool(s) are you using

Which tool(s) are you using to do the conversion?

If you use MediaInfo to examine the source file what information does it give about the original audio tracks?


I am using DivX converter to do the conversion. I use the DivX plus HD setting. It converts the .mov file to .mkv
The .mov file came from a Canon HD camera. I have examined the original video with MediaInfo and regarding audio stream, it reads PCM.
On the converted video it does not show any audio stream.

Same here...installed

Same here...installed AC3Filter then the sound is back. However, the volume super low...still working on it...

any luck?

I've also got super low volume. I tried adjusting the gain within the AC3Filter config utility.. but it didn't seem to change anything.

Any luck getting the volume louder?


Same thing happening to

Same thing happening to, it seems to be fine on certain videos and no sound on others