My HD files do not play back smoothly

  • High definition files may not play back smoothly on a wireless
    network. Plug your PC and/or box into your wired network directly and
    try again.
  • Transcoding from other HD formats, such as WMV HD, requires much
    higher CPU usage and may not occur smoothly under all conditions. It is
    recommended that you convert these files to DivX prior to playback on
    the connected device.
  • The DivX Connected device will decode 720p HD DivX files smoothly with a good network connection.
  • The DivX Connected device may decode some 1080p HD DivX files
    smoothly if the bit rate is less than 8Mbps and you have a good network

I have the same

I have the same problem.......MKV's take too much cpu to encode on the fly. Dr Divx however does not encode properly: frame delay and out of sync.

Tried various typed of encoding. Doesn't work. I would like to watch in Divx HD because CPU usage in only 2-5% and runs flawlessly when downloaded from Stage6 orso (i know is now down). So it clearly is a Dr Divx problem.

I tried Pro codecs but don't seem to help either!

So: How can I encode my mkv (normally H264 files) in a right way to Divx HD?

RE: HD Files .... smoothly & post encoding

I have had similar problems early on in my DivX encoding experiences. I've since then had no problems with play back, after converting to DivX. Infact, I prefer to watch my videos in DiVX format. The prolem I have been running into, is Matroska files in HD. Converter does NOT recognize the format. Using the Dr. DivX... the format is recognized... but yields a very inconcistant playback, with frame delay and the rest. (using 720p media to DivX 720p or even lower) All programs are shut down, graphics all set to minimal settings (VISTA) and system AND Dr. DivX monitor for CPU spikes. As has been mentioned by others... It appears that in dual core processor architectures, only 1 core is really utlized. Still I see that Spikes have been kept at tolerated levels... Is there a problem with converting Matroska files (.mvk) into DivX format... ??
The only other option I had... was to first convert the Matroska file into .wmv using VISTAS built in MovieMaker... (MS... YUCK!) which of course takes longer than the actual DivX conversion and yields a larger file than the original Matroska... and then a DivX file at the original size of the Matroska... I truly have not searched and searched... but I am not finding solutions on (not just playing) working with HD Matroska files and getting a smooth play back. (Disclaimer: I have been encoding and playing large files of 720p as well as 1080p for an extensive time... so its not my encoding technique. Unless there is a technique that has not been released for working with Matroska files)
Is this my only option for watching OR converting my HD Matroska files into DivX format..?? It is easy enough to watch in WMP... but a I have mentioned.... YUCK... I'm a DivX enthusiast.

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