Using DivX HEVC Community Encoder

The DivX HEVC encoder is a command line tool that is capable of creating HEVC bitstreams. Download the binaries here.


DivX H.265/HEVC Encoder

Usage: DivX265 -i <infile> -o <outfile> -br <bitrate> -s <w>x<h> (for raw infile)

or: DivX265 -i <infile> -o <outfile> -br <bitrate> (for .avs|.avi infile)

or: DivX265 -h (for help)

Example Usage

from a raw file (yuv/raw, assumes IYUV/I420 colorspace):

  • DivX265.exe -i content_in.yuv -o content_out.hevc -br 3000 -s 1280x720

Piping from stdin through another command line tool:

  • ffmpeg.exe -i content_in.avi -f rawvideo -pix_fmt yuv420p pipe:1 | DivX265.exe -s 1280x720 -br 4000 -i - -o content.hevc
    10 bit raw input format
  • ffmpeg.exe -i content_in.avi -f rawvideo -pix_fmt yuv420p10le pipe:1 | DivX265.exe -s 1280x720 -br 4000 -i - -o content.hevc --format yuv420p10le [ --main10 ]

from an AVS file (make sure AVISynth is installed):

  • DivX265.exe -i content_in.avs -o content_out.hevc -br 3000

from an AVI file:

  • DivX265.exe -i content_in.avi -o content_out.hevc -br 3000

Dual frame rate stream (temporal scalability):

  • DivX265.exe -i content_in.avi -o content_out.hevc -br 3000 --temporal-scalability


Flag Description
-h, --help Help
-v, --verbose Verbose mode, detailed messages output.
-q, --quiet Quiet mode, no messages output.
-i, --input <Input file> Required. (For raw stream from stdin, use -i -)
-F, --fixed-gop-length Disable scene change detection, results in fixed gop intervals
-aqo <1-5> Algorithm quality optimized for:
  • 1: fastest speed
  • 2: faster
  • 3: balanced (default)
  • 4: higher quality
  • 5: highest quality
-10, --main10 Enables Main 10 (10 bit) profile
--no-wpp Disable Wavefront Parallel Processing
-ts, --temporal-scalability Enable two layer temporal scalability, where the frame rate of the baselayer is reduced by 2
-709Selects 709 for colour-primaries, transfer-characteristics and matrix coefficients
--colour-primaries, --transfer-characteristics, --matrix-coefficients Signaling colorspace properties: 709, 2020, ...
-o, --output <Output file> Required.
--format <yuv420p, yuv420p10le, yuv422p10le, I420, V210 > Raw pixel format
-s, --size <height>x<width> Required for raw files. Frame dimensions (e.g. 1920x1080)
-br, --bitrate <bitrate> Target bitrate in kbps
-qp <qp> Constant Quantizer, creates potential non-compliant DivX HEVC Profile streams
-I, --interval <interval> Keyframe interval. 1 to 6 seconds. Default=5
-n, --frames <number> Maximum number of frames to encode
--start <number> Start encode from specified frame
-fps, --framerate <Frame rate> Frame rate. Default=24 Hz (raw files) or derived from file (.avs/.avi)
  • 60 Hz
  • 60000/1001 Hz
  • 50 Hz
  • 48 Hz
  • 30 Hz
  • 30000/1001 Hz
  • 25 Hz
  • 24 Hz
  • 24000/1001 Hz
    --psnr Calculates PSNR metrics


    • For more information on bitrate, keyframe intervals, etc., please refer to the DivX HEVC Video Profiles (July 2014).
    • The default colorspace for encoding is assumed to be IYUV or I420 (YUV 4:2:0 planar)