Questions, convertions and experiments (please help :) )

Hello, I am quite new in the world of Divx and i have a few questions. I use registered versions of Divx7 pro2 and converter etc.

What it happens i download films with extension .avi(video MPEG4 with audio MP 3) most of the times however, these films have been uploaded first to sites where they using Divx web players. So.... what it will happens if i convert this video to Divx PLUS HD? what about the quality? will i have a loss? or it would be improved? I noticed that the size would be compressed, if the quality would be improved how is this possible when the size will be reduced?

Second question, my intention is to improve the quality of the video and then convert/burn it to dvd with the program convertxtodvd3. Do you think that the above procedure will improve or not the quality of the video?

Third question, What is the difference between Divx HD and Divx HD Plus when i am converting a video? What could give me better results when i after the conversion i will encode and burn to dvd with the convertxtodvd3?

Fourth Question, Is it correct that if you convert a film/video from 4:3 to 16:9 the quality of the picture will be improved?

Many Thanks

Converting from DivX to DivX

Converting from DivX to DivX Plus HD will not improve your video's picture quality. They both use lossy codecs and reencoding a video into another lossy codec (like DivX, Windows Media, H.264, Real, etc) will always reduce the picture quality.

If you are converting a video from a high quality large file size source such as DV camera clips or DVDs then converting to a lossy codec is totally appropriate however. In this case you will get the best picture quality at any given size with Divx Plus HD, although standard DivX will still look quite good and plays on many more devices currently.

Both DivX HD and DivX Plus HD are capable of creating very high quality 1080p videos. DivX Plus HD is our newer H.264-based video profile and DivX HD is based on MPEG-4 ASP. Generally speaking H.264 will get smaller file sizes at a similar quality level than MPEG-4 ASP.

As for the question of 4:3 conversion to 16:9, that will not improve the quality of your video. If the original file is in 4:3 it is best to keep it 4:3. If the video frame is 4:3, but it is letterboxed (black bars on the top and bottom) then it is ok to crop out those bars and create a 16:9 video. This is the default behavior for the DivX Converter.