Converting stops

I have a problem when I want to convert a ripped DVD with my Divx Converter.
It stops converting when it reaches 50 %. Everytime.
The DVD file is a .VOB file.
Can anyone help me. Or was my money spent on a program that doesn't work....


I had the exact same issue: conversion stopped at 50%. I created a support ticket and the response was this article:

Confusing, since I did not see any Tag 8192 errors. Nonetheless, the article says the solution to that error is to install a different AC3 filter. So I did. And it fixed my problem.

The article appears dated, so I installed this and the DivX Converter works now:
AC3Filter 1.63b

need help uploading

[url=http://]i have some problem with up loading can any one help mainly from fils to dvd thanx

hello you did not post in

you did not post in the good forum
whatever try to begin your conversion with the IFO files it will convert the whole DVD not only the part in the vob you recode ...