MKV with Webplayer streaming

How can i embed a .mkv video into a homepage with the divx Webplayer?

Check this out...

The DivX Plus Web Player Beta has started:

You can play around with embedding MKV/H.264 videos in this DivX Plus Web Player Beta.

Let us know what you think in the Beta forum!

webplayer news

does anybody have heard something new about the mkv playing function in the DivX Webplayer?

Playing MKV with Webplayer

can you say when it's possible for the divx webplayer to play .mkv files?

Not yet, but...

This is not something you can do with the current DivX Web Player, but we are working on releasing an update that will allow DivX Plus files (H.264,AAC,MKV) in the future. In fact, will be demoing a prototype version of this at IFA next week, and possibly have a beta release here on Labs in the near future. Stay tuned (and patient) and we'll let you know here!