have to open a folder to watch a burned dvd

I really need help with this. I am pretty new with this converting..I do have the convertxtodvd and it works really good...I wanted to try the divx and after I burn a movie I put the dvd in a dvd player and I have to open a folder to watch the movie...Also after putting it in that dvd player, the dvd will not even play in another dvd player..A small line comes up and states that it will not support codec....Please help I am missing something...Thanks, Brighteyes

When you burn the file to a disc is in the root directory?

If you burn a DivX file to a disc, it should be a Data disc type and the file should just go in the root directory. Do not use DVD mode when you burn the disc.

You can try using our DivX player to burn the disc as well. You can download it from http://www.DivX.com