How do I make a Divx DVD with preencoded xvid and divx files without any reencoding?

trying to make menus
have several xvid avis
need to put them on a dvd with some kind of menu
do not like how dr divx wants to reencode them takes forever and they are already in a compatible format,but even Divx files it wants to reencode can anyone tell me the reason for this?

DivX Cmpilation dvdr

fter having 2 comments disappear in to cyber space I shall keep this one brief...

Just like 'Onceler' I too already have my movies in DivX and XviD format. I know that if i want to play DivX's on my DivX DVD player i can simply create a data disc using Nero Burning Rom and to play them I will get a screen on my TV with folders that need opening so as I can select the movie using my remote. I most certainly am not interested in using software to convert the DivX's into dvd format as I will be lucky to get even 2 movies on each DVD!

So does anyone know of a way to produce a disc with 3, 4, 5 or even 6 divx movies on and a menu to allow instant playback of the desired movie without all the fuss of opening folders etc etc???

I would also be grateful if someone could tell me if XviD's will play without any recoding ;)

Xvid re-encoding in Divx

I have been re-encoding Xvid to Divx for a while. I play Divx movies on my stand-alone Divx enabled DVD players as well.

Fixer109, you points are very well taken, but I would like to take them further.

As the versions in Divx mature in version 6 (now 6.8), more and more and more, is the out superior to Xvid. I don't think it is close.

I always look at the Xvid source at the beginning in Windows. Then I used to compare, but not anymore. I am used to the Divx re-encoded videos to always look and sound better. The audio part is really separate in a way from Divx, but Divx is getting better at handling various formats. Although for stand alone DVD player watching, I will play it safe and use MP3 CBR.

Encoding times is very much dependent on the CPU you are using as well as the output quality asked for. I have a AMD athlon processor, and tomorrow I will be getting my noew Motherboard with a AMD 64 bit dual processor. I am anxious to let er go. The encoding time also have been reduced and I do not try to do anything fancy. Thanks to the forums I learned about the One-Pass Quality selection and the Quantifier. No more two pass stuff, I am more concerned about the quality and the encoding speed as well, but more quality than I am the size. Especially since my Taiyo Yuden made blank DVDs don't cost any more than blank CDs. So I will tend to have room the four videos on one DVD (I try never, ever to copy to the limit of the size of the media), or sometimes three if the videos are long.

My re-encoded Xvid videos (I am using Virtualdub with Divx 6.8 Pro), come out superior to the original and sound better. The difference between the Xvid source and the Divx re-encoded Videos keep becoming more striking as newer and newer versions of Divx come out.

It is well, well worth the time. I use the one pass Quality method and many time I will use the batch facility in Vdub and let it go.
You will get compatibility and better output quality.


Answer to Onceler

From my own experience on using the the Dr (New release beta 6 - yesterday) on re-encoding the file size is smaller (as is using the latest Codec 6.8) but still retaining the quality of the original. Well worth the wait if file size + quality is an issue for you.

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