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When I start my Divx connected program.. it tells me that my Graphics card does not support Open-GL and that I should download the latest Drivers.. which I've successfully done.. however this did not resolve my problem.. my card is the 'NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT'.. I have been in contact with the NVIDIA support team trying to reslove this issue.. they have taken me through quite a few procedures.. they asure me that my system is up to date and the my card does support Open GL..

So what now? they recommended I contact 'DivX Connected' to get a plugin / software update.. everything is up to date on my system..

Divx connected is running.. but not as well as I would like it to be.. My menu interface is a little sluggish and also it doesn't have that nice animation effect with the thumnail images floating in when i'm navigating my menu options.. I think I've seen this in my software options and its known as Multi-sampling it's marked as being disabled in my options.. i'm unable to change this.. even with running the profiler..

My connection is great.. all movie's play fine.. online streaming fine.. it's just my menu interface.. has anyone had this problem.. what should I do to get the best out of my DivX Connected experience?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Fork.. Thanks for posting

Hi Fork..

Thanks for posting the link.. anyway thats definitely the driver i've installed.. maybe there could be a fault with my system?.. hope not.. but it's strange that some of you have used the same card without any OpenGL problems..

I'll wait for the new update 1.1 release.. i'll just have to keep my fingers crossed that it fixes the problem

Am I right in thinking that when the new update does becomes available, that our systems will alert us and update automatically?


Drivers etc


Where are you getting that driver version number from? If you have a look in Windows Device Manager what do you see there? NVIDIA's latest driver for Windows XP is version 169.21 which you can download from here:

Alternatively you could wait for v1.1 of the DivX Server software to see if it fixes it.

The 7800GT's are great cards (whether WinFast or any other make). Although it may "fix" this issue by changing to a different card you probably won't see any other performance benefits in Windows XP... unless you're you a gamer? :-)


The next update should fix this

The issue of detecting OpenGL goodness should be fixed in the 1.1 release. This release is now going though QA and should be released within the next week.

A new serer 1.1 (beta) release is available now

A beta release of the DivX Connected server rev 1.1 is now available for download. This release should fix the problem as well as a numerous other issues:

Download DivX Connected Server 1.1.0-Build-08 here

If you are currently using a production version of the software, installing this beta version will result in future beta updates being issued as auto-updates as well.

Hi dsalmonsen.. Thanks for

Hi dsalmonsen..

Thanks for the information.. I look forward to recieving the new update.. hope it will fix my problem..

Also thanks to 'aleftau & fork' I went to the leadtek site and downloaded the latest drivers for my card.. but it didn't make any difference to the open GL issue i've been having..

Thanks again for trying guys.. it's very much appreciated.

Hi, My Setup is as

My Setup is as follows:
OS: Windows XP Home Edition 32-bit
The Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT' Maker details: WinFast is labeled on the side of the card
Driver version:
Motherboard: Asus A8N-SLI premium
I'm only using one single display monitor and my settings are enabled for one display.

I was considering an upgrade to the 8800-series.. but now I know that my card should run Open GL.

Thanks guys.. any help would be greatly appreciated.


may i

suggest you to download the nview programm.
by the way , Winfast are cards assembled by leadtek i had 2 that were really great ; most of the time they include the Vivo (video in , video out) to capture from devices like VCR or camcorder.

You may go to leadtek site and try to download their last driver (and not the generic one provided by Nvidia)

I've no other ideas yet ... sorry!

an idea ...

do you have multi screens connected to your graphic card ?
if so, you should try to disconnect one !

More information?

Could you provide some more information on your setup? Specifically:

What version of Windows are you using (and is it 32-bit or 64-bit)?
What version of NVIDIA drivers are you using?
What make is your graphics card (eg ASUS, Gigabyte, Gainward...)

I can confirm that a stock NVIDIA 7800GT definately works with DivX Connected, I used to use one myself before upgrading to an NVIDIA 8800-series card.