Dr. DivX 2.0.1 Beta 6 Has Arrived!

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Bug squashing is the theme for this one. Profile, Preview and Watch Folder bugs are fixed now. You can get the latest installer from the download page. Of course, post questions and comments here or on the Dr. DivX Forum

For interested developers, a compilable source is available on Sourceforge.net.

re: AviSynth fix

Thank-you, kamiwa, for your quick response ... the fixed drffmeg.dll did the trick, and Dr. DivX now imports avisynth files properly. The only thing I've noticed now is that the good Dr. seems to encode at about half the speed that I get when encoding the same script using identical codec settings using VirtualDub. Could this possibly be an issue with drffmeg.dll? Thanks again :)

re: Dr. DivX 2.0.1 Beta 6

Avisynth support seems to be broken? For an valid avisynth script titled "movie.avs" in the root directory, it will return the error in the preview window: "Import: couldn't open C:\avs:C:\movie.avs" ... huh???

AviSynth fix

Oops! Yeah, you're right! Here's a fixed drffmeg.dll. Download and unrar it to your Dr. DivX app folder overwriting the existing one with it!