Wtrong aspect ratio from AVI-DV PAL widescreen source file

Hi, guys!

New to this forum. I hope you can help me. I'm new to Divx encoding work. I've currently producing DVD videos out of a Mini DV camera footage in PAL Widescreen format. Once edited with Vegas 8, I gor the edited version written in AVI-DV format (720x576) PAL Widescreen, generated by Vegas.

Until now, I took this material and authored DVDs in widescreen aspect ratio without any problems. Bur trying to do this with DivX converter produces a 4x3 aspect ratio with images compressed in the horizontal dimension. What should I do to get a DivX file thar is correctly played with Windows media player and other popular PC video players?

Any help would be greatly aprreciated!

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Amando Hernández

Have you tried contacting

Have you tried contacting DivX support? They can probably work this out for you.

It would be very helpful if you could send us (via SkyDrive, box.net, etc) a short clip (<10 secs) that we could test/examine. Do you know if you are creating AVI 1.0 or AVI 2.0 (aka OpenDML) AVI files?

Just so you know, you can also create DivX files directly out of Vegas using the DivX Pro Codec. Just export to AVI, but select the DivX Codec for video and MP3 for audio.

Same problem.

I'm having this exact same issue. It's like a stake through my heart too. Only, I'm converting WMV HD 1080p to DivX Plus HD. it's still the same issue. Can't you guys fix this issue, no other converter even is worth a try really.