Mouse disappears

I need to know how to make the mouse stop disappearing when i play a video with the web player. I cant see it at all unless im on the tabs but other than that if i want to cut the colume down to make it fullscreen i have to just move it around until a tab lights up or something!! please HELP!

Here we are 2 years later

Here we are 2 years later with the same problem! The mouse may not disappear on the Divx web player 2.0 but that version causes browser freezing for many users.

I believe I found the

I believe I found the solution. It seems to be a problem with the DivX Updater.

Browse to the DivX folder inside Program Files and inside "DivX Update" delete the executable file. It seemed to have fixed the problem for me, although I have not tested this solution very thoroughly.

I am using DivX Web Player 1.5 and I haven't updated it, although I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it.

mouse disapears FF+divx+vista sp1+ATI x1550+xpadder

most of the time my browser and divx player has frozen upon completion of the auto save feature.... this has happened since i started using the divx player several years ago, so it has been every version up to divx player version 7, and every version of firefox up to version 3.5.6

i also have the mouse disappearing for my FF window, and divx player fullscreen, however, the pointer exists for any other window, and the desktop... it does not occur immediately, it appears to occur when the film is complete buffering or being locally cached...

this is my current HTPC set up-
windows vista SP1 32bit
pentium D 3.2Ghz
firefox 3.5.6
divx player 7
vision tek raedon x1550 dual DVI - driver version 8.530.0.0 (ATI technologies)

other hardware/software that i doubt has an effect on this trouble...
Broadcom 2045 Bluetooth 2.0+EDR USB Dongle with First Connect
rocketfish bluetooth keyboard
xbox wireless controler for windows
xpadder (to use xbox controler for mouse pointer and keyboard shortcuts)

Temporary fix

If I may suggest a temporary fix. btw, I too have the same issue from time to time. When the courser won't come back just hit your Windows key on your key board and that should take you back to your desk top with tabs open at the bottom and the courser should be there without closing things out. Hope this helps.

Additional info

I have this problem on 2 different laptops with different specs.

OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista
Video: Intel GM965 Mobile / NVidia GO 6600
Browser: Firefox 3.015 and IE 8.0.6001 (on both)
Divx Web Player:

After the cursor disappears in FF, I can't see it at all within any of the browser windows - only effects when I hover over objects. When it disappears in IE, I can see the cursor on other windows but not the window or the tabs that contain the Divx Web Player.

Like xyzzy said, I can replicate it by going fullscreen and then going back embedded. Doesn't happen everytime, but this method does seem to jumpstart it.

I only use the Divx Web Player on ninjavideo, haven't seen it used for streaming on other sites. The site also uses a java applet, I think to prevent leeching - but don't think this plays a role.

Also, certain videos that use a certain audio codec(?) do not work properly in the web player. It sounds warbled. After the video is fully buffered and right-click->saved to disk->opened in the offline player, it renders the audio properly. Not sure if this is the Web Player's fault or the codec, but it doesn't like being streamed.

How to stop the mouse from disappearing.

I think, I might have found a way to stop the mouse from disappearing.
Just keep the control panel visible, while in fulscreen mode. You can put it in the right bottom corner, so it is only visible as a small dot and doesn't bother you.

I hope that helps. It seems to work for me. No disappearing mouse, since I do that.

Holmgangskeggiis right

Holmgangskeggi is right. Read what he said. I hope it gets fixed for the next new version or the next beta, because this glitch is a pain in everyone's neck.

Just sayin'

I've never encountered this issue in XP under IE6 and SeaMonkey 1.x on multiple systems.

Fiery Foxes running thru Aerobic Vistas were not meant to be.

Just sayin'.

:: ::

Mouse Disappears

What I don't understand is that no one at divx has experience this?
Come on guys this has been going on forever with all browsers and all types of operating systems. Just Google it you'll this problem posted everywhere!!!!!!!

Oh that's it maybe if we give them a free crappy version they will think to buy the pro version, that has to be it! That's how all companies move a product these days, take Microsoft for example they launch Vista only to follow it up quickly 2 years later with a much better operating system Windows 7, which everybody will flock to get because Vista is like fighting an invisible trickster living in your computer.

Vista made us do it.

This problem has been difficult to track down because it's intermittent and seems to happen under different conditions for different systems. We know it's there and we have it logged so that it will be worked on further. I know issues like this can be frustrating but let's not get into conspiracy rants.

Digital56K, Just a short

Digital56K, Just a short update. So far DivX Web Player on Vista 32bit does not have this problem. I've used it quite sometimes and no matter what I do, it does not make the mouse cursor stay invisible.

Thanks somnang, but I think

Thanks somnang, but I think you've just been lucky so far :) It's on our list. We'll find that sucker eventually ;)

Same problem

I get the same problem regularly. The mouse cursor disappears and doesn't reappear before I restart my browser. The cursor is gone in every window and tab.

I'm using Firefox 3.5.3
Vista Home Premium 32 Bit

I don't have an extra videocard in my laptop, what I've got is this:

Chiptyp: Intel(R) GMA 950
Installed driver: igdumd32 (
Single Screen

Like I said, this problem happens to me regularly. I'm not sure, if only, but usually in fullscreen mode. And it happened to me with the last version of DIVX-player too.
I'm mostly using the DIVX webplayer on Stagevu.
Here's a link to one of the many videos, which made my mouse cursor invisible:

Which browser?


Important questions:
* Which browser? (name and version)
* Which OS? If it's Vista or 7, 32 or 64-bit?
* Which video card do you have?
* Which video driver version are you using?
* Dual screens or single screen?
* Which mode is the player in when the mouse dissappears (embedded, windowed, or full-screen)
* Which actions, if any, do you perform immediately before the pointer disappears?
* Is there a particular site, or even better a particular URL that this happens with frequently? If so, let me know the URL (you can PM me if need be)

dissappearing mouse, how about a work-around in the meantime?

I have a suggestion for a work-around, until you folks can figure out the problem. The function that fades the cursor while one is watching a streaming video would seem to be the problem - its a nice feature.

How about putting something in the code that is triggered when someone exits the player, finishes watching a video stream, that just makes the cursor visible again, unfades it?

That would at least give us our cursors' back, so we don't have to close and reopen the browser... it would still leave us hunting around for control while watching a stream, but would be a vast improvement over the current situation, if there is some way to code it.... it may even be a very simple fix/work around... and I'd bet even if it seems difficult initially there is some way to code it if you folks get creative. (which obviously you are because divx player is nice!)

I'll check in with our

I'll check in with our engineers on that idea. We are really trying to track down this issue for the next release.

The mysterious disappearing mousie

Thanks. I hope they can figure something out.

Honestly, while I rather like how the mouse fades no matter where it is on the screen as one starts watching a stream - I'd forgo that if it meant that the mouse didn't wind up staying invisible. I mean, its easy to put the cursor just off the edge of the screen or in a corner or something where its pretty innocuous during stream play - but its a royal pain in the rear to have the thing stay invisible and have to close and reopen the browser to get it back.

If you folks tried temporarily disabling that fade feature, I'd be willing to try that version to see if it fixes the disappearing mouse problem and bet a ton of other folks would also - although I can't imagine that your folks have problems recreating the problem there to test fixes in house...

Or as I suggested above, a work around where a stream finishing triggers code that makes the mouse visible again... something one way or the other! :0)

I've had the same problem in multiple versions of firefox

The mouse disappears for me also when I'm watching streaming video. Not all the time, but almost all of the time - probably 9 times out of 10 or even more if its a full length movie. The shorter a time period watching, the less likely it is to occur. For me, I wouldn't know if it happens in the windowed or embedded modes - I just know it happens in full screen. Once it has disappeared, and I'm out of full screen mode or finished watching the streaming video, the ONLY place I can actually see the cursor is on the bottom of the screen start bar. Or if I minimize firefox so I'm on the desktop, then you can also see the cursor. It remains hidden/invisible in firefox, however. I do not see it in tabs or menu items. I do have firefox set so that if I hit the control key, it will create a brief circle around the location of the cursor, and using that I can sort of slowly navigate around but the cursor remains hidden/invisible until I quit firefox and restart it.

This has occurred for me at least in firefox 3.0.x, 3.5.2, and 3.5.5 - and I'm certain it also occurred in earlier firefox versions but can't tell you exactly which I've had installed over time, only that its' unfortunately ALWAYS occurred.

This has been on several different laptops and desktop, all pcs, and all windows xp - including both home edition and pro. Also including both SP2 and SP3.

Currently having problem on:

Sony Corporation VGN-FS550 C30054RH
Firefox 3.5.5
Windows XP Home Edition 2002 Service Pack 3 (build 2600)

I'm not sure how to find the video card & driver version, but if you tell me how, I'll get that info for you

Single screen
In full screen mode when mouse disappears (no idea if it does so in other modes or not, I haven't checked)

This happens equally on any site with a divx streaming video - but as noted earlier, the longer you watch without moving the cursor, the more likely it is to disappear. The only action I take before it happens is just watching a streaming video - in other words, I don't take any action immediately before it occurs that I know of.

mouse dissappearing

windows vista
version 7 divx player
mouse dissappears as soon as i play the video
no matter what screen mode
no particular site, whenever i use the player in general

Hang on, In your first post

Hang on,

In your first post you say Web Player, now you say "Version 7 DivX Player". I am asking you about DivX Web Player - the player that is embedded within web pages. Can you confirm that we're talking about the Web Player here?

(@csl only)

i get the same kind of

i get the same kind of problem, so:

- Firefox 3.0.14
- Vista 64
- ATI radeon HD 4800 series
- video driver 8.632.0.0
- dual screen
- player is back in embedded mode when mouse disappears, after being in full screen
- double click to go into full screen, double click to go back to embedded
- i only test on http://localhost

Re: i get the same kind of

Thanks xyzzy,

I've passed that information on to our developers.


So you just installed this Beta release of the DivX Plus Web Player, and you're not seeing your mouse when playing video? What version of Windows are you running (XP, Vista, Windows 7)? Also, is the video clip a DivX/AVI file or a DivX Plus/MKV file (please post a link if possible)?

We'll need some more details as we are trying to collect information to improve this Beta software.

If you can't wait for us to fix the problem, you can install DivX 7 to restore the latest production DivX Web Player.

porfitron, I want to clarify

porfitron, I want to clarify something.

While people say the mouse disappear on DivX 7 too, that statement applies to the DivX 7 package that contains DivX Web Player 1.5. DivX Plus Web Player 2 does not make your mouse disappear.

Thanks for the clarification

Thanks for the clarification on the "DivX 7" stuff, that is what we figured. Just to be clear about the DivX Plus Web Player 2.0, are you saying that it doesn't make your mouse disappear anymore?

Bad news...

Bad news...Turns out the bug still persists in the Web Player v2.0...It must be a bit more rare to reproduce, because I didn't come across it until just today, after using the Web Player for much longer than I previously would have been able to without encountering the mouse pointer bug. I was pretty bummed to see it happen; I was happy when I thought the issue had finally been resolved in v2.0...

Anyone else experienced it in v2.0 yet?

bugmenot1, Digital56K, you

bugmenot1, Digital56K, you two are right. After I encounter the problem I just wish I remove all my post concerning the "mouse disappearing act" responses. Grrr... Digital56K when the Dev Team finds the bug, stomp on it real hard for our DivX fans around the world. Tell the Dev Team to find the bug hard using whatever weapons you guys have and if spray cans does not work use a grenade!


The mouse in DivX Plus Web Player still loves to vanish. Go ahead and leave the control menu up and off screen in full screen mode(1 click), so your mouse will be visible, until they release a new version that fixes this, and other issue on everyone's mind. On the upside, I do plan to update the websites for DivX Plus thread soon, as I have more helpful sites and information.

That is correct. DivX Plus

That is correct. DivX Plus Web Player 2 does not make my mouse disappear under any condition.

I am using Windows Vista with NVIDIA 8600 GT. The mouse disappearing bug seems to be player-version specific and not OS platform specific. The older DivX Web Player would cause the mouse to disappear in cross-platform (meaning on both XP and Vista and in either IE or Firefox browser).

Seems ok w/ 2.0..

You're right, so far it seems okay with v2.0. I spent about 10 minutes trying to replicate the mouse pointer bug, but so far, it seems to be fixed. Now if only the third-party sites can get their APIs working with the newest version (or whatever is causing the headache of videos not loading), I'm looking forward to using the latest build.

Lemme test it...

This is the anonymous poster from above, who linked to the Bugzilla thread. I haven't tried Web Player 2.0 yet because the admins of the streaming video site I use have announced to their users that their setup (the javascript they use to bridge the source file --> streaming) doesn't work very well for most users who upgraded to 2.0...Apparently most people are getting the error:

"The file you are trying to play has failed to finish downloading and can no longer play."

This has nothing to do with the mouse pointer bug, though...I'm just explaining why I hadn't already upgraded to v2.0 yet. But I'll go ahead and upgrade to v2.0 and see if I can replicate the mouse pointer bug under that platform, and post back with the result.

I'd be interested to know if all the people who have reported this bug in the past are using an ATI brand GPU, or a specific range of ATI drivers. Since I've only ever used ATI cards, that's pretty much the only variable I can think of that could have been causing this, since I've previously been able to replicate the bug under a pretty wide variety of environments. But I suppose if it's magically fixed in the new version, it really doesn't matter anymore.


FF Bugzilla thread regarding this issue

Here's a Firefox Bugzilla site thread I was involved in regarding this issue:

I even made a screencast for the thread to illustrate the bug, which you can find in post 24:

And here's a pastebin link of my DxDiag report:

I haven't tried the new 2.0 beta version of the Web Player yet, but the issue has happened to me throughout the past 2 or 3 builds of the player, throughout multiple FF builds and across different operating systems, GPU hardware and driver versions.

So far, no one has been able to isolate what the variable is, to the best of my knowledge. But it's not limited to just a handful of people; believe me. It's most likely that 98 percent of the users experiencing it don't have the insight or motivation to seek out help in developer forums like these.


mouse dissappearing

I have divx 7 and windows vista
It happens no matter what screen mode im in
Any video, movie or anything im playing it dissappears

This happened on the last

This happened on the last DivX Player too

I second that, it happened

I second that, it happened on the last version too.
Sometimes disappeared, something to do with fullscreenmode it think

I would like to tell you

I would like to tell you guys that this problem is nothing new. It does this no matter what OS you are using. I am not sure about DivX Web Player 2. The older versions, 1.4 and 1.5 DivX Web Player does this constantly. You can duplicate this bug anytime by viewing the video in full screen while it is still buffering. My theory is that the code that result in the bug is from the code that is responsible for the screen saver option, or perhaps from the code that is responsible for dimming the mouse cursor in full screen mode.