WebPlayer 2.0 Beta Bugs

Hello porfitron

I have found the following Bugs in the Current Beta

1. On all Browsers iv'e tested The Player Crash on Tab Close or Exit the Browser in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari

2. The Pseudostreaming function is off ?

3. On German Player the Buffer Message is too Small

4. The playing time is not readable Anti alasing ?

5. Wait for new Release with more Fixes

For this time Hands up
Many Thanks

Dear Sascha

stuttering video

Video is stuttering slightly in firefox 3.5 with version of the player on OSX 10.6. Sound is okay though.

Fullscreen Mode

I found a Design Bug

Video Name

Please change it...

Dear Sascha

About the Pseudostreaming Feature

The The Pseudostreaming Feature works very good but we have better design wishes..

1. In Adobe Flash Player when you seek the Buffer jump to the current point where you selected

We wish this for the Divx Plus Player

2. Remove the Buffer when seek into video e.g the Buffer restart at new Position like Flash

Thats all

PS: Flash we Kill YOU DivX is the Best muahhhhhhhhhhhh

Re: UI suggestions

Hey Sacha,

I agree that the buffer indicator in the UI could better reflect what parts of the content are buffered instead of just the percentage.

However, we do not want to flush the existing buffer after seeking because one of the nice features of DivX Plus Web Player is that once the buffering is complete you can save the file to disk - I think this is a bit nicer than Flash ;) The Web Player has user-configurable preferences to manage the cache size so it doesn't grow too large.

- Al

i agree, do not clear the

i agree, do not clear the buffer

It hangs my firefox

It hangs my firefox also.

This happens mostly (but maybe not only) when something has gone wrong, eg: server is not responding correctly.

system: vista64, firefox 3.0.14, webplayer plus beta

micronix is referring to the

micronix is referring to the "random access"/"dynamic seeking" implementation of 'progressive streaming,' that we normally see in flash videos nowadays.

I have not seen dynamic seeking active in the current webplayer beta.

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Re: WebPlayer 2.0 Beta Bugs

Thanks Sacha,

Can you explain more what you mean by "The Pseudostreaming function is off?" I don't understand what you are referring to.

- Al

Psudo Streaming is a 3GPP2

Psudo Streaming is a 3GPP2 term for progressive download.

BTW, happy birthday Al!

Thanks :) That's what I

Thanks :)

That's what I thought he may be referring to, but then how would any playback occur at all?

Dynamic Seeking on/off

I've noticed "Dynamic Seeking" doesn't seem to work as well (when trying to view the videos from my site). Currently disabled?

I also think the buffer/connection message font is too small, and the font anti-aliasing is not comfy to my eyes.

On the positive side, the Web Player doesn't instantly crash IE7 (32-bit mode) nor SeaMonkey 1.1.18 on my XP 64-bit workstation, unlike the previous player. Both have displayed movies fine.

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