FTP Source Don't Support..??

What happens? Now the Web Player Version 2.0 dont't Supports FTP Transfer.. But, If the Version 1.5 worked very well .. Someone who knows something. Thank you.

peskypescado, pliz! I need

peskypescado, pliz! I need to work with the FTP protocol! beg you..thx

yes i have limited all users

yes i have limited all users the bandwith and only one access for user this is very complicated with http y php. I Tried and Have More Problems beginning for the Headers, this Works with .divx Files but don't work with .mkv files.

I understand that FTP used

I understand that FTP used to work with previous versions of Web Player as it used to use CURL for its download stack, but FTP was never an officially supported protocol. We do not plan on implementing FTP support in the future in our new DivX Plus Web Player however. I would advise you to host these files using HTTP.

Bad News

I need to work with the FTP protocol. I assembled a system of "Progressive Streaming" Based on the Control of Each "byte" Transferred to Each User FTP. Which is almost impossible with HTTP. and the complex implementations of an HTTP server Dedicated to "Progressive Streaming Matroska There is not at this time. With FTP is the easiest way to do so.
Do You Speak Spanish peskypescado?

First off, like many/most

First off, like many/most Southern Californians I speak a little Spanish, but I probably conjugate my verbs wrong 90% of the time. :)

As for your unique FTP implementation, I don't quite understand exactly what kind of control you are implementing. Are you doing bandwidth limiting on a per user basis?


here I leave a bit of code that always used in the version 1.5 without problems src="ftp://cdfaed:67807312@www.webpage.com/video.mkv". But now in 2.0 does not work.
And Entering as an anonymous user is the same. (ftp://www.webpage.com/video.mkv).



Do you host a website that uses ftp auth'd access or is this for personal use? I'd love to hear more, hit me up with a PM. DivX Plus Web Player 2.0 currently does not support FTP access due to a rewriting of the stack to support features like extended seeking.