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hi ive just downloaded divx v7.1 mac and have been trying to burn a disc with my films on . When i used to do this on older versions it converted whatever file type to divx for me now i have to use the divx convertor which for 5 films is going to take hours , the older versions used to convert and burn in minutes .

Is there an easier way of doing this like a burn feature on divx player where you just drag and drop your files and divx does the rest .

Please Help ! thank you

I'm not sure I'm following

I'm not sure I'm following you… You were burning straight from the Mac DivX converter??
Toast used to have a built-in converter and that might be what you are referring to…

In any case, any DVD with DivX files on it should be fine. You don't really need much more than that.
I used to be getting the best compatibility by buring the DVDs as UDF through Toast, with all my movies at the root of the drive.
I never used any function to convert and burn in one batch.
I convert separately.

On a related note, on a Mac I get the best results and best speed converting through Handbrake (select the .AVI option).


Alea jacta Ouest

thanks , my problem is that

thanks , my problem is that my old version of divx player had a burn function on and my new one doesnt , so i cant burn the divx files on to a dvd just using divx player .

The DivX Player for Mac

The DivX Player for Mac never had a built in burner like the Windows version does. Please follow the instructions in the following FAQ to burn your DivX files to CD or DVD:


Hope this helps.