DIV X cannot write the video file

to disk please check your have write permission in the download folder.

I have been experiencing this problem for some time, I goggled the error and realize a lot of others are having the same problem with no fix yet!
Can I please be advised how to correct this error, it is screwing up all my movies, all every kind I try to watch.
Thank you

It's interesting. I'm not

It's interesting. I'm not having this issue with the new beta anymore, but it is something I have consistently experienced with th Mac version for the past several *years*.


Alea jacta Ouest

Possible fix

Please try this:

1. Download build 240 (beta)

2. Close out your browsers completely. This includes all remaining "Download" windows.

3. Install build 240

4. Test the save function

5. Let us know if it works now :)

I've had the same

I've had the same problem.

DivX player says i dont have permission to write the file.

I've trying saving the file to c:\, my docs, divx cache folder, ... all the same error.
and yes, i do have permissions to write to those folders.

I use firefox 3.0.14 and vista64