Dynamic Seeking on/off

Is there any consideration in including a parameter that will disable Dynamic Seeking?

Not quite sure I

Not quite sure I understand.

Just looking for the option to force buffering strictly from the beginning like the old player versions. Dynamic Seeking seems to take forever to begin playback, and appears to buffer from the forwarded position as well as the very beginning still, so maybe the bandwidth is split between the two positions thus I'm only receiving the video portion I want to see at only half the speed, taking longer to appear. My server bandwidth is limited, so I don't want the viewing experience to be less comfortable.

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As mentioned already,

As mentioned already, dynamic seeking for standard DivX files can be disabled on the server. It doesn't support disabling dynamic seeking for MKV files however. This is something we are looking into, and you can be sure that we are going to refine the dynamic seeking to offer better performance with future versions. It works well now, but there is still room for improvement.

The savings in bandwidth for switching from MPEG-4 ASP to H.264 (holding visual quality/resolution constant) should definitely offset the additional load from the multiple download threads the 2.0 Web Player uses. The MKV container is also much better suited to streaming and dynamic seeking than AVI.

that would be a great

that would be a great feature.

currently you cannot play .mkv files without seeking.

but for .avi and .divx files the web server can just ignore the range-request and always send full file.
this will effectively disable seeking for .avi and .divx