Uncomfortable Silence

So there I was, giving contribution to confirming the stereo type of the obese American as I chomped on a delicious snack cake. I checked my messages and there was an invitation to try out the latest version of the web player. So I sat there in the middle of my bedroom a.k.a. my mothers converted basement and my divx posters giddy that someone out there loves me. I exclaimed " Holy hotpockets" as I rushed to download. Sadly, once installed, I attempted to watch the sample video and had a few issues. There was no audio and when it did play it was out of sync, the video would freeze even though I have a decent broadband connection. I let the video download and still could not view the file but was able to watch on a competitors media player with no difficulty( sorry I know they are the devil). Right about now I can see you giving the bird to the monitor and I understand. You work your...uh....hind ends off and some idiot who could probably shoot himself with an unloaded gun tells you this crap. Once again I apologize I have been loyal to your product and will continue to do so. Just thought you would want to know.

Here's my info..so fast it could go back in time.
My blistering system:
Microsoft XP Home edition
Intel celeron CPU 3.06 GHz
3.07 Ghz, 504 MB of RAM

My blistering broadband:
17.93 Mb/s
1.93 Mb/s

careful it's still hot from the friction.

No concept of time

Sorry as you can see I have no concept of time. In my defense, I get distracted by shiny objects, booze, and nipples. So all I ask is that you please cut me a little slack. I thank you for your speedy response, it's just further confirmation of your awesomeness.I will Post the information as soon as I get the pants off my head.

More system info

Hi hulamonkey,

I have a suspicion that your system may not be up to playing the video on that page, but it's hard to tell because there are many types of Celeron processor. DivX Plus uses H.264 video, which is harder to decode than previous generations of DivX video (but offers better compression). Additionally the video on our sample page is 720p. I wonder if the third-party media player you used leveraged hardware acceleration (DivX Plus Web Player currently uses a fast software decoder).

What does CPU-Z say your specific CPU type is?

P.S. Love that post :)


I wish more people put more of their personalities into their issue reports :-)

Can I ask you to install a free application called MediaInfo:

When you run MediaInfo on the file you downloaded, it will let us know the codecs required to play the video (please share the results here).

I suspect that it may be an audio codec issue, since our bundle includes support for MP3 and AAC, but some other bits may need to be installed to play other audio types.

Quote:I let the video

I let the video download and still could not view the file but was able to watch on a competitors media player with no difficulty( sorry I know they are the devil).

I've actually noticed this phenomena using the DivX Player on very powerful computers while playing back demanding video files. The takeaway is that the current DivX playback stack does not recover well after falling behind - namely with blank / stuck / black frames and jittery audio. With these same files, I could either see black frames on a 2.2ghz Core 2 Duo or using a competitor's media player, view an only slightly stuttery video on a 1.42 ghz G4 (one core). (using a real playback engine, 720p h.264 examples from the DivX website play back with NO DROPPED FRAMES on an Apollo class PowerPC G4).

As someone who has worked on both poorly architected and well architected playback stacks, I can point out where DivX's playback stack bottlenecks are.

Oh, by the way. If you're

Oh, by the way. If you're playing back DivX 4,5,6 content, you might also want to turn off even the custom post-processing.

Right click on the web player, choose "preferences" - under the video playback options tab, set post-processing to none.