DivX Converter / Usermanual

Hello, i am new on this forum.
Is there anyone who can give me informations, where i can find the usermanual for my DivX-converter. Sorry my english is not the best.

Nice manual, don't get me

Nice manual, don't get me wrong but it's for Windows users, not Mac users such as myself. There are of course similarities in functionality, however things the manual covers like joining two movie file types into one file (ie. two avi files into one divx) is not available on the Mac version.

Very misleading. It's only a $20 program but unless there's a trick to doing this that I'm unaware of, I probably wouldn't have purchased this product. I'm hoping there is a solution? If anyone here knows, please let me know as I'd be greatly appreciative, thanks.

Also, the manual lists 5 different video outputs the user can choose (ie.Home Theater, DivX Plus, High Def 720p, High Def 1080p and Mobile). On mine I only have 'Custom', 'High Def' (no mention of choosing 720p or 1080p), 'Home Theater' and 'Mobile'. It'd be nice to choose between 720p and 1080p like the Windows manual/version allows for.

Again, thanks in advance.


Here's a link to the manual for DivX Converter:

inaknecht, DivX Converter is

inaknecht, DivX Converter is so simple that you only need to drag the video file and drop on it and convert... I don't believe there's anything in that small program to configure. I could be wrong :p