beta + skin

i am wondering, is it possible to use the stage6 player skin on the web player beta? and how do i do that...?

how do i give the normal webplayer the stage6 skin?

ok, i think i figured it

ok, i think i figured it out.
< param name="custommode" value="Stage6" / > gives it the skin.

one more question. i have seen Divx web players with a 'play' and 'download' button in the middle of the player. (do you know what i'm talking about?) how do i get that.
[edit]got a pic how do i do THIS

You create a page layout

You create a page layout using images. I.e. there is no magic going on here relating to DivX Web Player itself.

The right button is just an image with an href pointing to the download URL. We used to also have an onclick action to change the image state after you clicked it.

The left button uses an onclick action that triggers a javascript function inserting the player object into the DOM, replacing the images.