Divx Ultra .divx files on philips DVP5140

I can watch AVI Divx files on this player with no problem that are burned to cd or dvd. The file list browser interface is ugly but it works. I recently created a .divx file with divxmediabuilder that included a menu, chapters and subtitles. My resulting .divx file played fine on my PC using Divx Player 7, the menus, subs, and chapters all work as well. However when I burned this .divx file to a dvd and popped it in the 5140 I just see the .divx file in the standard file list, the same as when i just burn the avi to a disk, no menus. I can play the file but none of the "Divx Ultra" stuff seems to be working and this is a Divx Ultra Certified Player? Any thoughts? Thanks



Divx Ultra Certified

1. Check if your device is Divx Ultra Certified.

2. If yes and still it ain't working check the file size of your Divx file.

I faced the same problem, I reduced the the file size keeping it under 2 GB and it worked fine, though I still don't know why the file with greater than 2 GB was not working for Divx Ultra.

Try downloading this trial software from

http://tmpgenc.pegasys-inc.com/en/product/taw4.html to author your Divx Ultra files.