firefox plugin?

Isnt it time for us to have a fully functioning firefox plugin for the 330?

O.K I realise you want to create a mini- community dependant on the divx format for all of its video, but most web video comes as flash i believe. In the UK we have "iplayer" which stores all bbc tv programs for the last 7 days online. would be very nice to access this on my 330---- is it possible?


Flash Games Pack

There's a Flash Games pack plugin for download here:

This includes just 9 games, but they are all usable with the Connected remote because they were made with Flash Mini.

Note that you have to have an account at Connuity to see/download forum attachments...

The DivX Connected server uses the Gecko browser

The Gecko browser is the embedded version of the Firefox browser so it is possible to create a Connected plug-in that can display anything the Firefox browser can display. For instance, if the Flash plugin is loaded in your Firefox browser, it would is easy to create a Connected plug-in that can play .SWF files. Getting the sound to play out the device is more difficult.

We are looking at way to add this type of support in the future, but for now people are able to take advantage of the openness of the system to accomplish many things that other systems can not.

A BBC Iplayer plug in would be great

If somebody could develop a plug in for the BBC Iplayer it would be fantastic not just for those of us in the UK. A weeks worth of BBC allowing us to catch up on shows would be brilliant. I just hope it's possible.