Bywifi Video Accelerator Supports DivX Web Player

Hi DivX guys,

According to Luke's suggestion, Bywifi Video Accelerator 1.10.1 supports DivX Web Player in Firefox now. You can download and test it from .

By the way, would you please tell me your email? I want to ask you some technical questions.

Bywifi Video Downloader (Bywifi Video Accelerator) is a free program for downloading, transcoding and accelerating video streaming. It supports downloading, transcoding and P2P accelerating videos from all video websites, such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, MySpace, Yahoo,, etc. Lots of advanced network technologies like P2SP (peer-to-server-and-peer), multiple tasks, web sensitive, intelligence caching are used in the software. The bitrate of video streaming is 3-5 times faster with Bywifi than without it. Moreover, it can transcode videos into mobile formats for mobile phones and PDA.


I receive some users'

I receive some users' emails. They want Bywifi Video Accelerator to support DivX Web Player. I have sent email to amayo for collaboration issue. I will we can success in this time.

Bywifi 2.2.2

At time of writing, Bywifi is now at 2.2.2, but if you say it supports Divx, it doesnt seem to accelerate them.

DivX and Bywifi= Stagevu WIN!


Bywifi... Divx?

Yes, it was accelerating, at least it was with the connection speed, you could check the bywifi cache folder, and there would be special little files, and you could see bywifi doing it's little thing in the icon trey. For whatever reason though, new versions of Bywifi seem to be dropping this minimalistic support it once had. This is a crushing blow to me and others who want Bywifi on divX to accelerate as well as it does with Flash.

I need to follow up with the creator of Bywifi, and I ask others to email him, I presume he will happily respond. We need a synergy with the DivX web player and Bywifi. We need full Bywifi acceleration. How awesome would that be to have incredible buffer speed, even on websites with the worst bandwidth, such as Stage Vu and Vee HD. The coolest thing though, would being able to stream MKV on Khmer Future, because they allow Hig Def MKV streaming!

We have new word straight from DivX that they will focus efforts of buffering now! That is amazing news, that is surely something that is the most needed priority issue at this point. However, I do wonder exactly how DivX plans to go about improving buffering speed.

Yes, please upgrade the web player to buffer better in general, but I don't think that would ever be enough, I'm certain we need a Bywifi synergy. Full Bywifi acceleration for buffering would immediately solve the issue. If flash can be accelerated, and four different software applications prove it can, then I see no reason why DivX can't have a likewise synergy with Bywifi, Bywifi being the very best Flash accelerator of all time. Also, Bywifi has already shown interest in working with DivX to get that software fully working with the webplayer!

Sadly, as it is now, support seems to have fizzeled out, and I have not gotten to the bottom of why that is. I had hoped it would continue to improve DivX support, but instead support seems to be no more!

Bywifi uses P2P to accelerate Video Streaming:With P2SP, it speeds up downloading speed of video streaming. Lots of advanced network technologies like P2SP (peer-to-server-and-peer), multiple tasks, web sensitive, intelligence caching are used in the software. The bitrate of video streaming is 3-5 times faster with Bywifi than without it.

3-5 times faster! Even faster than that if you have bywifi cache in a ram drive!

That's what we need, and if DivX isn't planning on this EXACT kind of buffer acceleration, or a real synergy with Bywifi, then we are seriously in trouble!

Divx websites have low bandwidth, heck even youtube has low bandwidth, that is why a separate accelerator software is needed, no ifs ands or buts!

Deleted posts

Why did much of this thread get deleted? I understand if you deleted just the "test links" post. Why delete Robin1's "thank you" comment, and my "you're welcome" response? That's puzzling, and a bit cold.

DivX has said nothing in regards to Bywifi support for the DivX Web Player. It would be nice if someone said something.

I find the same problems.

I find the same problems. Bywifi works well for the little size of divx videos, but not for the large size.

I want to know the details about the network module of the DivX Web Player? Who can help me?

Who Can Help?

You should be able to email DigitAl56K here

amayo (at) divxcorp [dotcom]

I hope it's okay I reposted that email.

Have you been to the developers portal?

I'd hope that DivX recognizes the benefits of Bywifi Streaming acceleration for their web player, all versions. I'd assume they;d do anything to help, like providing the details about the network module of the DivX Web Player, as you have asked.

Please DivX people, stay in touch with Kent at
Because now he needs to improve the Bywifi acceleration for DivX Web Player. It will be the bee's knees.

For anybody yet to try Bywifi for flash and DivX acceleration, what are you waiting for?

Are you DivX fans using bywifi yet? It works for all versions of the player. It also works in Google "blah" Chrome too. Google chrome is much too slow, compared to minefield, and no Google toolbar? Nuts!


This is awesome. I wasn't sure if it was working but it is. Wow so sweet. Acceleration from flash to DivX Web Player, from a - z. Bywifi has proven once again to be such an important software. I never dreamed I could nudge this into happening so fast. Great news for DivX. All DivX web Player users should install this in a ram drive, because it's acceleration for the buffering. It will work for everyone in firefox. Soon in IE. I hop DivX gives Kent the technical help he has requested. He's asking for email to be in touch with you guys. Maybe he can make it work even better then.

Philochs, thanks. There are

Philochs, thanks. There are good movies in DivX and MKV. If I can make contribution, I will be happy. :-)

Would you please tell me some URLs for the video webpages? I need some video webpages for testing. It is good that the size of their videos are about 100M.

Bywifi 1.10.4

Bywifi is now on ver. 1.10.4 last I checked. Kent's been updating it a lot lately. Here's a great tip for anyone using a DivX Web Player, make sure you always have the latest version of Bywifi installed. The new version is really accelerating the buffering and connection speed a whole lot. I'm really proud I pushed Kent into this endeavor. You'll see it flashing in your toolbar when it connects, then when your video starts, there will be a big chunk already buffered, so the video never gets stuck buffering. Not only does it accelerate all videos in the DivX Web Player now, it still works a lot better than speedbit to accelerate flash. At least add your cache to RAM. Being Firefox cache and "BywifiShare" Cache, you'll be glad you did.