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The site currently runs on user friendly scripts to deliver high quality (DVD and Blu-Ray) movies and TV Shows to your computer FAST and FREE.

The site adds in new videos every half hour and is very updated on the content. We also have a friendly forum for any question you may have. We grew from a few hundred members to close to 15,000 members. We currently receive over 1 Million visits per month.

Current Stats:

Movies: 21,475+
TV Shows: 41,522+
Members: 14,197+

We also plan on adding support for game consoles (Playstation3) and mobile devices (iPod,iPhone and Blackberry) for streaming movies directly.

You can check out our collection of movies and TV shows as a guest without logging in using our Captcha server, or if you prefer faster streaming content with no restrictions become a member.

Thanks to DivX and their WebPlayer we have been able to share our love and great collection of movies and TV shows with everyone for over a year.

Hope everyone likes the site and spreads the word.



We are working on improving

We are working on improving our site for the divx plus player, we currently tell our users to stay on the older version because even with the older version we had it streaming like YouTube so you can start you video from anywhere. ( only works for semi premium and premium servers)

The speeds you get are based on your location and Internet speed. If you would like for our streams to buffer faster stay on the old player till we revamp the videos to work with divx plus.


Old Player

I am going to ride the storm out. I will not be going back to the old player, ever. That's not a solution for me, because I cannot stand the ugly grainy compression it had, nor lack of MKV support. The picture quality of all videos is crisp now in the DivX Plus Web Player.

I realize that your site's issues are due to the new player, but I also know how fantastic free DivX Den links stream with 5 GB/ a second free streaming. That's on the new player, streaming the best I've seen for DivX. ISP speed is never my issue, since I do have over 20 MBS a second cable, I should be okay you'd think. It's the fastest in Oklahoma man. On top of about 22 MBS solid, I have my mozilla minefield installed in my RaM disk, with Bywifi and the Web Plus Player there too, so I have it all running in nanoseconds bro. Granted it's FAT 32, not NTFS, and I only have DDR2 Ram, but still, with a D-Link gamer lounge, it smokes on all my computers bro. Bywifi currently does help buffer DivX somewhat, since I requested that feature. If Bwifi gets full DivX support, it would go a long way to resolving all buffering issues. Then I could stream MKV mega upload links no problem I bet.

Since I am fervently sticking to my guns here, when will you be able to have the site working correctly with the new DivX Plus Web Player? A timeline, and frequent updates would be so helpful.

Yeah I am with you on this.

Yeah I am with you on this. I am going to ride the wave. I prefer the new looks and feel of DPWP. I have no problem with it so far.

In Depth Analysis of

I gave your site fifth place in my review for best DivX Plus Web Player websites.

I guess it works to buffer much better with the old player. With DivX Plus it buffers too slow to really watch. I think it's like trying to stram megaupload links which works better in the last player I've heard. When I try to stream Megaupload links, it will not buffer fast enough to watch whatsoever. That's the same as your premium servers.

That's a shame. I'd wish that you'd host the video for good buffering, without the captcha.

Also, give us full 720 mkv files which buffer. That would put you to the number one spot fast. You'd have the number one site if it buffered any good.

I have gone so far as to get the bywifi to support DivX Web player, as it i now, it seems only limited support. It's accelerating te connection speed for all DivX streaming, but not seemingly accelerating the entire videos. It's not good enough. Make your awesome website buffer for God's sake.

Nearly all DivX websites have horrid buffering, to the point of uselessness with the DivX Plus Web Player. You can always stream DivX's own demos fine. Why can't others match that? DivX Den has very good buffering, that's about it.