Windows7 /64bit divx Codecs of divx7-player don't work

Newest version Divx7 under Windows7/64 bit doesn`t work at all.
A Harddisk copy of a windows-Xp installation of Divx6 player makes the movie running with subtitles, but without sound.
The "DivXTechPreviewMKVOnWin7R3_0.exe" didn't help, maybe because I don't use the MKV format.
I'm using divx avi mode using 2 audio tracks and 2 subtitles what
worked in the past very well with my deceased Windows-XP-PC.
Now I've got many divx files and find no player to see them on the my new PC.
Windows-Mediaplayer 12 mixes also the audio tracks together and doesn't support the divx subtitles, the VLC-player can separate audio tracks but also doesn't support the DXSB subtitles.
Is there a 64 bit version of the divx-player in the future which
allows me to see and hear my avi-mode files?

Thanks it solves my

Thanks it solves my problem

Regards from ac3 filter

I'm having problems with

I'm having problems with Divx Player in Windows 7/64 as well and am going to post a new thread to ask some questions. In the meantime, try The KMPlayer found here: I think you might be able to use it to play all of your divx files with subs. I have in the past. In fact, if I still have problems with the Divx player, that's what I am going to keep on using for my primary player. I hope this helps :)