MKV - Sound problems

I'm trying to play a .mkv file with Connected but part of the sound appears to be missing - there is some "background" sound but no dialogue. There is no problem when trying to play it on the computer using DivX for Windows and when playing with Connected PC

Using final versions of both firmware and software

Thanks for the assistance


When I press MENU I only get the option to change the sound synchronisation or have I misunderstood something?


You are correct about the audio stream - 6 channel AC3

I don't usually "download" .mkv files but I just wanted to see 24 in HD without having to fast forward through the adverts - I think I'll just watch via Sky HD tonight

Once again thanks for the assistance - it just shows how good this community is

Additional MENU items

You should find that where other options are available, such as subtitles or additional audio tracks, additional items will automatically be added to the menu during playback.

Try Insomnian's suggestion

Try Insomnian's suggestion (to see if file has multiple audio tracks, a real quick way is to download mediainfo - a indispensable bit of kit). I'm guessing the audio is 6 channel AC3.

Also, check your audio setup on the 330 eg the 5 vs 2 speaker configuration and also your TV/amp setup. AC3 playback can sometimes cause issues in terms of channel distribution eg surround's work but no speech from center speaker etc...

Finally, are you running the 330 wired or wireless. With the larger bitrate of MKV's (both audio and video), the wireless distribution can struggle a bit - and often, audio sometimes doesn't get the buffering priority.

Multiple audio tracks

You'll probably find that the video has multiple audio tracks: try starting the video, pressing MENU and selecting a different audio track from the list.

Failing that, there are also a number of options if you select the file in the DivX Connected server software and you can also set the default audio track via the DivX codec configuration.