DivX Plus Web Player problem with Chrome and Firefox


I hope someone can help me with this one. I've been using DivX web player for some time and it has always worked great with sites like stagevu.com. My old laptop is over 4 years old with Windows XP, but I've never had any problems.

About a week ago I bought Acer Aspire 7738G laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium. DivX Plus Web Player works only with IE and even with IE it's slover and stucks to looping videos. With Firefox and Chrome I'm not able to get it work at all.

I've tried to check all my security setting etc, but haven't found anything that would help me solve this problem.

Any ideas?

I have found the solution

I have found the solution here:


Works for Firefox as well as Firefox Portable.

Problem solved partially

Ok, so I feel pretty stupid now that I'm writing this about 15 min. later.

I uninstalled the new DivX bundle and tried the older 1.5 version package. Now it seems to work ok.

Problem is still only partially solved since with the new version (+Firefox/Chrome) I could not view the sample videos at divx.com. So the new version of Web Player does not work at all for some reason, exept sluggishly with IE.

DivX Plus Web Player

You should be able to use the DivX Plus Web Player, without so much problems. In firefox, was the plugin showing up in your ad-ons?

Did you try any of the mods here?