The Doctor Fell In Love With Ana Morphic! Now He Is Completely Out Of Shape ;-)

The Dr's Nurse Many of you have requested anamorphic encoding, so here it is. Dr. DivX 2.0.1 Beta 7 includes support for PAL and NTSC anamorphic encoding. Of course there was some bug fixing going on again as well.

Get this latest beta from the Dr. DivX download page. You can post questions and comments here or on the Dr. DivX Forum. Take a look at the changelog for updates.

For interested developers, a compilable source is available on

AviSynth bug is fixed.

AviSynth bug is fixed. that's great.


CLI not working

Thanks for mentioning it.

problem with cli.exe and avs

the cli.exe interface is not working well on avisynth script input
i feed this input avs

mpeg2source("movie_pal.d2v") #a 720x576 movie

with this command line
cli.exe -i movie.avs -o test.avi -f 1 -q -p 2
and got a 640*352 AUTOCROPPED output... ?