DivX player won't recognize my DVD burner

Hi all,

I used the DivX player all the time for burning DVD's. But lately, when I try to burn, under where it says Burn to Disc in the top right corner, it says No Recorder Found.

The hard drive has a DVD RW drive, and it's always been able to find it before, but now, it says it can't find the recorder. Is there any way to manually choose the location of the burner?

Optical Drives not recognized

chito1979, have you sorted out your problem? The same thing started happening to me after I installed a new DVD burner. The computer itself and all my other burning software (TMPG Authoringworks and AVS disk creator) recognize both DVD drives.
I use an HP m7350n computer with 4 gigs of memory. It came with two IDE optical drives, and I recently replaced one of them with a SATA BDRom/DVD writer. That's when the trouble started, but only with Divx Player. I like the mkv converting capability with Divx 8, but not the new player for recording divx DVD's. Too many screens. Version 6 and 7 were simpler.

Divx Player has had burn capabilities since version 6 when I started using it (of course I have always had the paid version, which includes Divx converter and I wouldn't be without it). The difference I find with regular DVD burners is they can overburn easily (it says they have room for the data but they won't play). So if using other burning software, leave some headroom on the DVD.

Maybe the solution is just to stop using the Divx burner and accept it quietly. Any thoughts or ideas?

Thanks, Gordon

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When i trying to burn a dvd my dvd-rom does not appers, does any body know why?

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None of my freeware will burn data disks..only music! Is there some out there I can download?

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I have DivX Player (version 7.4 ) but doesn't seem to have burn capabilities? I would like to download movies and burn them to a dvd and play on my LG Blu-ray dvd player which is DivX certified.
Which version of DivX Player should I have?

Data Discs

Are you still able to burn normal data discs with your other software? If so, try burning a data disc and add your DivX files, and then close the burning session. A data disc (even if burned with non-DivX software) should play fine in any DivX Certified player.

Re: DivX player won't recognize my DVD burner

I think so, I haven't tried burning them with another program. I'll give that a shot.