DivX Plus (Codec Pack)


I've just recently updated to version 8 or DivX plus. I mainly use the software for playing MKV files in Media Centre on my XBox 360 extender and also in WMP on my Windows 7 PC.

I have been happily using the tech preview (not sure on the version, the one where it was bundled with the main release) however now I have removed that and installed DivX plus, some of my previously working MKV files do not work as expected. Some of the video is sped up and slows down in key places (same places each time) and the audio is way out of sync, sometimes playing a completely different part of the movie.

These files seems to work completely fine in the DivX player, but the experience is lost as I don't get the experience I would when extending to my HDTV via my XBox.

Does anyone have any ideas? If possible, I;d like to revert back but I cannot find any downloads of the previous version anywhere. If someone could give me the exact version number I might be able to search a little deeper.

Thanks in advance, Dup.


I suspect the problem is with the divx H.264 codec. With divx 7, the installation allowed you to toggle what features you wanted to install manually. This allowed you to selectively install the tech preview and the divx codec and continue to use the Microsoft audio and video codecs native to windows 7. Now all the divx custom codes get installed, you can't single out the mkv splitter selectively. I suspect that the divx H.264 codec doesn't support our video card properly. This is just a theory... completely unsubstantiable.

Same problem

Hey guys. I am experiencing the same problem. Most of my mkv files aren't playing correctly. The playback speeds are totally screwed up. Videos play super fast while audio stays constant. Was this ever resolved? Are there hardware acceleration settings that can be tweaked? Any idea which new dll files are the culprets? Tech preview worked great. Tried uninstalling divx 8 and it left a bunch of junk in the registry, so I would rather fix the problem or use system restore to clean divx leftovers.

Previous versions of Tech Prev

Can you download MediaInfo and run it on some of the files in question and post the details here?

Also, if you really want the older stand-alone versions you can get them by joining the Project Rémoulade group... you have to be logged in and click on the link:

Note that we can't confirm how the older versions will interact with the new DivX Plus components, but please try to tell us more about your files and your current installation so we can try to find out what might be happening with the new release.

Media Info

Hi, thanks for the swift response, much appreciated!

I've gone trough all the movies I watched happily on the previous bar the JB ones (There are two as we tried two different encodes but they both have issues). JB 1.txt does not speed up at all in the movie but the sound is heavily out of sync, like a completely difference scene entirely. JB 2 was the first I tried that showed the same issues in my original post.

I've uploaded them into a zip file to save bloating out the thread pasting them here: [url=http://www.duperouzel.co.uk/mediainfotxts.zip]

The only thing that has changed with my system are my video drivers which are nVidia (assumably Forceware) version 196.86.

My basic system spec is:

Q9550 - Overclocked to 3.4GHz but always has been when playing movies in both versions of the tech preview.
nVidia 8800 GTS 640
Samsung F1 HDDs

I will remove the live release version of DivX plus and revert back to the Tech Preview and see how that fares. If you want to know more or want me to do any extra testing please let me know. I realise this is a free product so I don't mind doing a bit of leg work for you. I've loved it so far, solved a great logistics problem in my household (and saves my precious discs!!).