How Long Should It Take?

I know people have many different configurations of PC but Does anyone know how long converstion of video files takes on average?
My specs;
CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+
OS Win XP Pro SP3 32bit
RAM 3GB @ 400Mhz
Graphics Card 128MB GeForce 6200 TurboCache

3 files I converted today;
Size Format Length Size Format Time Taken
358350 AVI 1h 04m 259338 DivX Home Theatre 30 Mins
504578 AVI 1h 03m 305271 DivX Home Theatre 47 Mins
705866 AVI 1h 05m 358119 DivX Home Theatre 51 Mins

If anyone at DivX is reading this and wants the info, please let me know.


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Bobby the Indy Thinker

I have a related question to how long should it take to convert. I previously used Divx Converter in Home Theatre profile in several platforms including Virtual Dub, Divx Editor, Total Video Converter, and Cyberlink Power Director 8.

However, I paid for Divx Plus Pro, got all the bells and whistles, but when I try to convert any video profile even divx or avi based divx or xvid, the Divx Plus converter doesn't seem to be working unless I'm doing something wrong.

How long do I have to wait for Divx Plus Converter to even begin doing it's thing.

I was under the impression these changes, especially in HD were suppose to make things better if not easier.

Divx Plus 8 converter is way slower than Divx converter

I have a core 7 system, 6GB RAM and win7-64 and I use to get pretty fast conversions with DIVX 7 converter. DIVX 8 plus is dog slow. I use the home theater option.

DIVX 7 use to convert in about %50 of playback time, Divx plus is about %100 of playback time. It is noticeable enough that I joined the forums looking for answers. It is probably slower than 100% of playback time. It takes the fun out of conversion.

Would be great if Divx converter operated like BOINC perhaps with GPU support.

I convert PAL MPEG2 (720 x 576) using the home theater profile.

Conversion Time?


CPU I7 920
OS Win 7 64 bit
Graphice GTX 295

Takin ~2hrs to convert main movie of DVD using VOB 1 as input.

720P conversion


DVDFAB which I use to create ISO files of DVD MAin Movie will convert the DVD to AVI in ~10 - 15mins ~300Frames Per Second~~

I have been using DVD FAB for years and purchased DIVX V8 hoping for better quality/speed!!!

Guess what I use!!


Hi MBarnes,

What DVDFab product(s) do you use? There are quite a few of them ... Do they offer one do-it-all product, or do you have to use several to obtain your result?

My goal is to rip DVDs to harddisk in DivX HD format in .MKV containers. Would this be possible in one step with DVDFab software?

I've also sniffed on "Dicsoft Video Converter Platinum". Apart from its company's name, which sounds a little lame, it brags about being 5x faster than the competition. Have you or anyone here tried this product?

Yes, the encoding times are

Yes, the encoding times are somewhat strange.

Just took a very small VOB File (plays in 1 min 13 seconds), created from a TV recording using a Dreambox.

DVDFab 7, converting to DivX: 19 seconds
CloneDVD mobile, converting to DivX: 25 seconds
DivX Converter, using Home Theater profile: 1 min 14 seconds
DivX Converter, using DivX Plus HD Profile: 23 seconds

All conversions (except the HD Profile) without changing the resolution.

So I keep asking myself: what does the home theater profile do? Donate its computing power to the seti@home project? Geez...