.mkv large file choppy playback issues on Windows 7 - fast/slow playback

Hello All,

I've been trying to identify this problem all day with no luck.
I'm having problems with playback of large .mkv (x264) files, files above 4 GB as strange as it may sound. When I try to play big .mkv file above 4 GB it starts fine, audio continues, than video slows for a moment and after that tries to compensate, then slows again. That's all I've got with big files. Issue is random, somewhere video/audio playback is OK, than suddenly starts with above symptoms.
When I watch 1-2 GB files with the same encoding I have absolutely no problems?! I even tried 1080p files ... same story. This seems to be somehow decoder related.
I'm using clean install of Window 7 Enterprise x64, and I've only installed AC3 Filter 1.63 beta and the latest version of DivX 7 (registered).
I've tried both Windows Media Player 12, and Media Player Classic, both behave the same.
I can eliminate this problem by using third party codecs, but the problem is I only want to use DivX 7 it has everything I need for video playback, I don't want milions of codes that spoil the system.

System is Core i7 920/12 GB DDR3 RAM/2x500 GB RAID0/Creative X-Fi/ATI HD 4890 1GB

Your answers will be highly appreciated.

If you aren't trying to

If you aren't trying to stream to an Xbox 360, I'd suggest you use Haali for the mkv splitter, and then use Media Player Classic Home Cinema with it's built in DXVA codec so that you can get hardware accelerated playback from your video card. Or optionally set the Microsoft DTV codec and get hardware acclerated playback that way. Either way I think works out better then using DivX as the splitter and codec. I don't think you gain a lot of advantage from DivX in that scenario. In fact, I think DivX just takes the place of Haali in that case, and the MS DTV codec gets used?

Anyway...see if running the x64 builds of MPC HC help.

Where are the files you are playing located? It sorta sounds like bitrate starvation to me. If the file isn't being fed to your system fast enough that could be problematic.

When it starts to slow down, what's your CPU utilization like? Maybe high bit rate is swamping your system, if one of the hardware accelerated codecs isn't being used?

Hi, I have this issue too


I have this issue too but I have a fix. I recently upgraded PCs and thought it was strange that it was occurring as it never did before. So I looked for the old DivX package I used before on my old PC (I save downloads) and realised that I was using the updated and finalised version. I have the old version (RC3) of the Windows 7 DivX stuff and it works fine. Seems to be a conflict between DivX plus and AC3Filter but it's something wrong on the DivX side.