Playing Mono AVIs

Hi All,

Back again for my daily question! I have some home movies filmed with a Flip Video. The video plays fine but the before it starts I get an audio error. Curious if anyone has gotten similar files to work.

I have the ffdshow and other hacks installed already.

Bit Rate 177 kbps
Channels 1(mono)
Audio Sample Rate 44 kHz


PS. It doesnt play audio in the standalone divx player on the computer either


I came across it by pure coincidence...I thought there was no sound during the intro of the movie so I tried to fast forward it.

One of the fun things about the DSM is the weird ways you can get around issues!

Sound on AVI file

Thanks yfs1. You are a genius. I should have tried that trick first rather than checking and downloading codecs. All is good now-Thanks

AVI File

I have an AVI movie that will play video but no sound thru DivX connected. The same file plays video and sound using windows media player from the same PC that is my DivX Connected server. Using DivX connected PC on same computer the movie plays video but no sound. ? whats going on.


This may sound weird but if you are confident you have all codecs installed, try rewinding or fast forwarding a little bit and hit play. That is what i have to do for some files on mine.


The AC3 didn't help but your other (very useful) tool says it uses ADPCM (Microsoft).

It should already be on the system so I just need to figure out how to get it going on Win 7 64 Bit.



I'll try installing it again.

Is there anyway to to see the audio and video encoding on a given file?

This is the error by the way (Forgot to post it earlier and I can't seem to get anything specific via Google):

You may need an additional audio decoder to play the soundtrack of this file.

This file conains a track in an unknown format (code "4294967295") format. You may need to install a DirectShow decoder for this audio format in order to hear the soundtrack of this file.

Yep, it's a codec

Yep, it's a codec issue.

Directshow filters/decoders are required for audio, video etc... Windows usually has quite a few preinstalled but sometimes you need to install them to get audio or video playback.

Download AC3 filter, it will likely resolve the problem. In the system tab, make sure 'Prefer AC3 Filter' is selected. If the file works on your PC, it'll work on the 330.

If that doesn't resolve the problem, download Mediainfo (probably one of the most invaluable little apps I have!). This will analyse any media file and give you all the info on codecs, resolution, bitrates etc. Check what audio codec is used and google it to download. It might be a rare one not covered by most audio codecs.

Best of luck!

My first guess is that it is

My first guess is that it is probably using an audio codec that hasn't been installed yet on your computer.

You have ffdshow but try download AC3 filter and give that a go.