Subtitles on PS3

Hi all,

I've been trying to ages to find a way of encoding a DVD with subtitles that will play on a PS3 so that I can backup my movie collection to my network drive.

I understand that this is possible by creating a DivX file that contains XSUBs. However, I've tried using the latest version of DivX and, although the resultant file plays fine with subs in DivX player, the subs cannot be accessed via the PS3.

I encoded using the HD 1080p setting and selected all available subtitles. I've read loads of comments that state that the PS3 is a DivX certified device and should therefore play anything encoded using the DivX Converter, so what have I done wrong?!

Any suggestions or comments very much appreciated!

I've found that the PS3 only

I've found that the PS3 only supports XSUB format subtitles, and that only the Home Theatre profile creates these - the HD 1080p and Plus HD profiles use some other format. What's frustrating is that the PS3 will happily play a 1080p encoded file, or even a Plus file once run through mkv2vob, but the over-simplified DivX Converter settings won't allow XSUB subtitles to be added to these files. Thus you end up with inferior quality if you want to use subs, which is frankly daft!

To answer one of your questions, I stream from a NAS running Twonky Server, but I have also tried copying direct to the PS3, with the same result.

I'm off to see if a command line approach can overcome this limitation!

subtitles on PS3

You should see divx subtitles on the PS3. I do.
You didn't mention if you were trying to play DivX files directly or by streaming via streaming app (e.g Tversity, PS3MediaServer etc).

I haven't tried playing any divx file by directly storing it on the hard drive of PS3 or attaching an external hard drive. However, I stream divx files to PS3 via PS3mediaserver. Now divx file format is natively supported by PS3 so mediaserver application serves divx file without any transcoding. When file starts playback, hit "subtitles" button on the remote directly or you can hit "triangle" to go into playback menu and selecct subtitles.

I can try and playback a divx file directly on the PS3 (stored locally or on a attached HDD) if needed. Let me know.