activate in Samsung galaxy


when I make video registration to active Divx in my mobile and play it

in the mobile, it works fine but when I tried to open Divx it says

that I have to registrar and it gives me a new code.

Hey Will You plz tell me how


Will You plz tell me how to get divx player on my galaxy s+ and how to register it. is divx preinstalled on my device???

plzzz reply ASAP..

RE: Samsung Galaxy S

DivX playback is integrated into the Galaxy S. You do not need a separate player. Just load videos onto your phone or SD Card and play them using the Videos or Gallery applications. The Galaxy S can play nearly any DivX video you throw at it (up to HD 720p!), but please read this sticky if you have problems with your videos.

Please note that DivX is supported natively, so flashing custom ROMs may remove DivX features. Do so at your own risk.


where do i need to register for the Divx VOC. i had to register my code. kindly any one assist for registering this..

Re: GT-I9003

It can be tough to find. To get your registration code, go to Settings -> About -> Legal Information -> License Settings -> DivX(R) VOD. You can then register from the DivX Player application. See the VOD sticky for more information.

pls help

already create n account but still don't know how to activate my cell phone the new samsung galaxy pls..Where do I need to go n input the code?


You don't need to register your Galaxy. See


If you played the registration video then your phone is registered. You don't need to do it again. However, everytime you open the DivX VOD application it will always display a registration code in case you want to switch the registration to a new owner.

We recognize this is a little confusing. Newer phones will warn you that your phone is already registered before showing you another registration code.

In any event, there is no need to register your Galaxy. See