Can not clean uninstall DivX Plus player 8 for re-install

I was uninstalled Divx Plus Player 8 using wizard from "Add or Remove Programs" in the "control panel", After process, I confirmed deleteing DivX programs captions from "Add or Remove Programs", looks completed it.

But, re-install wizard showes "all divx programs installed", can not click "next" bottom as glay out.

I think that my PC was not clean uninstalled old divx player.

Sorry, captons may be incorrect, because I am using Windows of
Japanese version.

System Environment.
OS: Wondows XP SP3
Uninstalled DivX Player : DivX Plus Player 8
Installing DivX Player : DivX Plus Player 8
( DivX players are same version, because first installed player
can not started, thus i thought re-install it.

can no longer burn ?

I have been downloading and burning movies for amout a year on two different PCs one at work one at home
the home Vista one stopped burning about two weeks ago and last week the Win XP stopped also both appear to tranfer files and the just says it is tranfering forever ? at first it appeared to have burnt titles only ruining many DVDs now burns absalutly nothing so I have a whole bunch of video files backed up
can anyone help ?
I have reinstalled Divx three times and codecs but no help
I really liked the old Divx it was trouble free for about 400 movies before they upgraded ?
would it help to buy the pro ?

I don't have a problem

I don't have a problem viewing anything. All components are still working (except the auto update). But I saw ginza000's problem and wanted to see if I could do a clean install. I quickly noticed that I had the same problem. I can not uninstall any DivX software. I went through, basically, the same steps that ginza000 did:
Opened the "Control Panel" then I selected the "Uninstall a program" option. I noticed that the only DivX products listed were DivX Author and DivX Setup.
I thought that was strange because the DivX Converter and Player are usually included in the program list. I opened the DivX Plus player and Converter just to make sure they were installed. They were.
I closed the DivX player and converter and proceeded to uninstall DivX Author. After clicking "uninstall" nothing happened. I waited.....still nothing. I rebooted and tried once again. Same result. Rebooted again and tried to uninstall DivX Setup (using "Uninstall a program" in the control panel). I couldn't uninstall DivX Setup either. I looked through the programs listed in the "uninstall or change program" section two more times just to make sure I hadn't skimmed over any other DivX programs. DivX Player and Converter are definitely not listed; just DivX Author and DivX Setup.

Quick Note: I get the same "all DivX programs installed" message that ginza000 mentioned when I attempt to install.

I'm using windows 7 and DivX Plus Player/Converter, DivX Author, SRS WOW, and DFX audio enhancer installed.

I've got the same problem

the same thing is happening to me - i'm trying to reinstall after a partial uninstall, and it tells me i already have the latest versions of everything.

of course, with any regular program, you would have the option of installing anyway - despite any existing components you have.

does anyone know how i can perform a clean uninstall? or any way i can reinstall without it telling me i've already got the latest versions?

i've tried a few uninstall programs, but most of them involve selecting divx from the add/remove programs list, and my earlier uninstall attempts mean it's not there anymore.

I figured out why I couldn't

I figured out why I couldn't get anything to uninstall. I opened the control panel and selected uninstall program. I then selected to uninstall DivXSetup. Then DivXSetup uninstall window appears. Here is where I had been messing up. During previous attempts I overlooked and didn't check the box next to the list of installed DivX programs. They are almost invisible. The programs are listed in a really light color font. The check boxes don't look like they are selectable. After checking the boxes, I was able to uninstall everything and reinstall without any more problems.

"Forced Uninstall" funcion of "Revo Uninstaller Pro"

I am thinking re-try to clean uninstall DivX Player, but have no
time for this work.

I found free and good uninstall tool, name is "Revo uninstaller Pro".

This tool can delete "DivX" string from Windows registry data, using "Forced Uninstall" function, thus may be able to clean uninstall DivX player.

1. Double click to "Revo Uninstaller Pro" icon.
2. Click to "Forced Uninstall" icon into "Revo Uninstall Pro"
main dialog.
3. Enter "DivX" string in "program's exact name" edit box into
"Forced Uninstall" dialogbox.
4. Click to "Next" bottom.
5. Shows conditions message and order.

please try and report.

revo attempted

i tried revo and was unable to get rid of divx completely.

it gets rid of most of it, but there are bits floating around everywhere, so i'm still unable to reinstall - i get the same message about 'already having the latest updates.'

Revo Pro uninstall

I ran through the procedure .. Twice.
I scrolled down the entire tree and made sure I selected every single 'bold' entry
Deleted them all.
then deleted every thing in the subsequent 'find' boxes.

When I ran it again revo found a couple of more entries.

Then I went to explorer C>Program Files > Divx and was able to delete everything except the Divx Update folder and contents.

Not a 100& solution but almost there!