Web Player will not save video file

I am running Windows 7 on an HP Laptop.

Even after the file has comleted buffering I am not able to save the file. The 'Save Video As" option is grayed out.

I have the "Auto-save all video downloads" option checked on the General Tab of Preferences.

You can still save the file.

You can still save the file. You just have to find out where the temp file is at. It is usually in Documents my videos DIVX movies. Copy and paste the vid to another folder. Open DIVX player. Now (File)(open) and goto the file you just made, Don't forget to change file type on DIVX player to all files in folder or you won't dee it. Highlight the file you want but do not open. Right click and change the name and format before you open with the DIVX player. Example it would say (Narutocdoo117.DVD.xvid.part) Change it to the name you you want and put at the end avi or divx. So I would rename this file (Naruto Shippuuden 117.avi). Now you have a copy to watch on your computer anytime.

Please Check


One soloution is the video is prevented for download !!!
Please see these Doc