DivX MKV Mux Beta 1

For easy access to DivXMKVMux launch a command console via the shortcut provided in the DivX Plus programs group on your Start menu after installation. The console will start in the installation directory and the installation directory is automatically added to the PATH environment variable for the console session so that you can type "DivXMKVMux" from any location.

You can access the full list of arguments for DivXMKVMux using:

DivXMKVMux --help

For further information on experimenting with these extensions visit the following articles, which cover include high-level demonstrations, concept overviews, step-by-step guides, and technical specifications:


The following are known-issues that you should be aware of. The list is not comprehensive.

  • The DivXMKVMux sample application primarily supports input formats that are relevant to the DivX Plus format. These include H.264, AAC, SRT, and XML files for tags and chapter data. Please use --inputformats to see a complete list.
  • Attachments may not be preserved when remuxing with -r.
  • After SRT input is converted from ANSI to UTF-8 a temporary output file will remain in the input folder.
  • DivXMKVMux can crash if a very long output title is passed using titleName:
  • It is not currently possible to combine ordered and non-ordered chapter lists

Let us know what you think

Please submit your comments and questions to the DivX Plus (.mkv) forum (requires sign-in).

If you're experiencing problems with the software please include your full command line, any relevant details of your input files, what you expect DivXMKVMux to produce as output and what the actual output is.