Locating hidden divx files on hard drive

Hi all - Newbie here and not that PC savvy either.

I've been having major problems with all divx files saved on my HD. They all seem to be hidden!

I can't locate them using advance search options, have my folder options set to 'show hidden files'. Have done several virus/spyware/malware scans which have all been clean.

I'm running vista 32bit. Have been using divx version 1.5 webplayer but updated to version 8 divx plus player, codec's and converter today to see if that would do anything.. (bad idea?)

There was a point where - If I buffered another video I could right click 'save as', see all the files previously saved and either play it from there or send it to flash drive etc - but that has even stopped working.

I now have no idea how to locate, play, move or delet these files. (had some really cool movies backed up to watch too)

Any help would be more than welcome.

DivX Problem

I've got a problemf with DivX. I don't know whats wrong, but please help. My sisters Laptop (XP) has DivX like me, and she has a folder which is called 'Temporary Downloaded Files'. Every movie that she finishes watching is downloaded in the folder automatically... I don't know how, but its useful. VERY useful. anyway. I also have DivX, and have a Windows 7 Laptop, I had a problem.... I downloaded DivX and 'Temporary Files' was not anywhere to be found..... This really irratated me... I always uninstall DivX and download it again to see if it works, but nothing..... I don't know what it is but please help me!!! I really want movies downloaded on my computer so I can put it on CDs... Please help! Thanks Supporters

temporary FIX for hidden divx files

Okay so I've been scouring the internet for an answer to your very same question: why don't divx films come up when you save them to the computer? They're totally hidden and don't come up when you search for them. Annoying and very frustrating. I noticed, like you probably did, that when you try to save the film again that it says it's already there. Well after some fiddling around, I found the directory for my films were being deposited here (C:\Users\home\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Virtualized\C\Users\home\Videos). They disappeared after some time, like when I cleaned my temp files out, so there were a few old attempted films there, too.

If you're not running the same OS that I am (windows 7 64bit) or a different version and that file address doesn't work for you, try this:

> right click on your browser video and choose Save video as
> give the video a name and save it to the directory of your choice
> right click on your browser video and choose Save video as again
> when it pulls up the window to save it, make sure you're in the directory where you previously saved the film and right click the file inside the window and select open in divx player
>close the window and browser window as well
>in the divx player select file--open containing folder
>the true folder your file was saved to will pop open
>close the player, cut the file from the folder, and paste it into the directory of your choice

This helps with the result of this error or bug or whatever it is causing this. I'd love to know WHY it's doing this but we may never find out. Hope this helps!

I found all my DIVX video

I found all my DIVX video files that I saved in this address and simply moved them to a more accessable location.

C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Virtualized\C\Users\(user name)\(the folder you saved to)

What is a mystery is that previously I would ask it to "save video" in any folder I wanted it to and it would do just that. Then it just stopped doing that and the files could not be found after saving but could be seen if you open the "Save Video" dialogue window.
Can any one tell us how to get it back to "saving as" this way again?
I have a newer PC with Windows 7 x64. Different Divx players did not change a thing.

Hi there,yesterday I

Hi there,

yesterday I upgraded from Windows Vista (64-bit) to Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit), and now I find I'm having the same issue. It's like the directory doesn't seem to exist for Windows Explorer.

I tried following your initial path, but I couldn't come any further than "C:\Users\Dennis\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\" - There was no "Temporary Internet Files" in my directory there.

So I tried finding it by your method a bit below it. I saved the video and after that by trying to save it again, I was able to deduct this path: "C:\Users\Dennis\Videos\DivX Movies\Temporary Downloaded Files". However, Divx Player didn't startup after rightclicking and choosing for it to do so. nor could I move the video, because when I'd try to do so, it says the file didn't exist. Trying to manually browse to this directory through Windows Explorer ends up dead.

Also, when I try to change the directory where the Divx Web Player is supposed to save the files through the option in the Preferences menu, I do see the supposed directory in the directory selection window. However, this directory I can't seem to find when I try to locate it through Windows Explorer. The video also doesn't show up in my library. Sadly I don't have any advanced knowledge about Windows 7 or this library system it introduced since I never worked with it before yesterday, so I'm at a loss on how to fix this.

EDIT: hrm, I seem to now actually able to find this Temporary Internet Files directory afterall. I suppose I made an error when first trying to locate it. The video was stored there indeed, and I was both able to move it aswell as create a shortcut to it. So your solution seem sto work afterall, thanks alot. :)

%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\My

%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\My Videos\DivX Movies\Temporary Downloaded Files <--- If I try that, It will tell me the directory is not there.. which is BullSh** because I know it's there, I just cant see it through file explorer. Only through Divx prefs can I then See It. go figure....

Same Issue

:Windows 7:I cannot see the Divx Files or Folders.. only time I can see the files or folders is when I'm within the divx player preferences and select "Save As", that's when I can see them. If using File Explorer, they are hidden and can't be seen. Even If I try to navigate to the folder, which I know is there. It will tell me no such directory. ... I'm wondering if its a invalid Registry? Also, When I goto save a file "Filename.avi.divx" and remove the .divx "Filename.avi" while using Divx player, That file is no where to be found as well. even though I can see ".AVI" file extentions that I've placed or downloaded else where. Anything I have with the ".DIVX" extention is only effect and is invisible... What to do??

"DivX Movies" folder ??

%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\My Videos\DivX Movies\Temporary Downloaded Files


Thanks for the reply, nimd4.

Thanks for the reply, nimd4. I tried that to begin with.

I saved another movie tonight after upgrading to version 8 and am having no problems finding it.

No idea what the hell has happened that I can't view the others. I have a few saved to a divx folder and several others on my desktop, all are invisible!