Divx Compression problem!!!

Hi guys, I am trying to compress a video I took from a pc game, via

Virtual Dub, using the codec DivX 6.9.2 Codec (4 Logical CPUs)that I

downloaded from the free pack on the main divx.com page.

At first, the video I compressed came out great. But everytime now that I try to use it before compressing a video it gives me this error:

Video compression error: The source image format is not acceptable. (error code -2).

I now have to use xvid mpeg 4 codec, which is fine and all, but the divx one I downloaded compressed much more betterific (thats right I just made up a word).

I am saving as AVI all the time, the video I am compressing is from FRAPS. Again, I did this once and it worked, but now it gives me the above error.


Thanks for taking the time to read my post friends.